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Last Uniform Order for 2018

Bike Manawatu Uniforms

Did you miss out on our last Bike Manawatu uniform order?
Dont worry, we are about to place our final order for the 2018 Year and we will have them ready by early Feb 2019 for you.
We are coming up to a very busy holiday season and we aim to ensure our members are as prepared as possible when it comes to your cycling.
If you are thinking about attending WCNI or National events to name a few you will find you may need to wear your Club Uniform.
Dont get caught short without your kit, avoid any issues and place your order now. We’d hate to not have your required size or style of uniform within our small stock within the Bike Manawatu Office.
Have a think about it or share in banter between your peers over the next week and we’ll ensure we are prepared.
Please email if you would like to place an order.
All orders must be received by 30th November 2018 – Delivery of uniforms will be within the first week of February 2019
***This would be the last round of orders to ensure it arrives before Nationals

5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Your Bike Manawatu Club Uniform
WCNI Track Champs
Club Champs / Interclub
Its good quality gear.
Show your support to our club & wear it with pride.

Bike Manawatu Uniform Price List