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Laskeys Cycles Manfeild 6 Hour Challenge

Laskeys 6 Hour Challenge

Yes, quite a challenge it turned out to be too…

Congratulations to the 50 teams/individuals who rode in a wild, wet and windy conditions!

Official results are now available



6hour Overall Results 2011.pdf

6Hour Class Results 2011.pdf

Lap Times:


Female Teams

Male Teams

Mixed Teams

School Teams


NB, There are a couple of places where the fastest lap times are not the same as those previously provided on the summary sheet. Some of that might be because some of the fastest lap could have been in the very first lap which actually started from the pit and not the track proper. These small discrepancies don’t alter any of the prizes or the places of any teams.

Results from 2010 are here…

6hour Overall Results 2010.pdf

6Hour Class Results 2010.pdf