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Karapiro Flyer 2019

Karapiro Flyer 2019

Bike Manawatu members have been out and about competing in events all summer long – and last weekend saw a some of our members head up to the Karapiro Flyer.  This is the ‘rebranded Rotorua to Taupō Flyer, and was held in Karapiro for the first time.  The course was a scenic and somewhat challenging one, with a very fast first half, and the majority of the 1000m or so of climbing in the second half.  We were spoilt with a stunning sunny day and some amazing views.

Jake Jackson-Grammar, formerly of Palmerston North (now living in Hamilton) was first In the 19-34 age group in a time of 2hrs 37 mins 17 seconds.  Elton Mayo finished in a time of 2hrs 45mins 48 seconds, while Enduro cyclist Darren Murdie proved he’s not just great at long distances. but he is also pretty handy at shorter distances (for him), and had a great race finishing in 2hrs 45mins 52 seconds. Steve Nagy and Michelle Turner were agonsingly close to breaking the 3 hours mark, finishing in times of 3hrs and 8 seconds and 3 hrs and 58 seconds respectively.  Rob Ryan and Ian Prouting were also very close to the 3 hour mark finishing in 3hrs 2mins and 32 seconds and 3hrs 4mins 10 secs.  Dennis Chatfeild was our next finisher in 3hrs 19mins and 23secs closely followed by Mike Dunne in 3hrs 19mins 59 seconds, with Carol Webb 3hrs 21mins 21 seconds Fraser Kitt 3hrs 27mins 20 seconds rounding out the results for Bike Manawatu.  But the result that we’d love to celebrate the most is Wayne Fage – Wayne finished in 3hrs 5mins 38 seconds giving him 2nd place in the e-bike category.

The reason we are so incredibly proud of Wayne’s result is that at last years Flyer (April 14), Wayne crashed early on in the race breaking his collarbone, and in addition to this, he suffered a medical event which complicated and extended his recovery and rehabilitation and required him to remain in hospital until Queen’s Birthday last year.

While he was in hospital, Wayne was determined to make as full a recovery as he could, and put his all in to each and every physiotherapy session, and took advantage of every opportunity he was given. 

3 months to the day of the 2018 Flyer, on July 14 last year, he was back out on his bike on the velodrome, and since then he has made a steady return to cycling.  In September last year Wayne decided to buy an e-bike, so that he would still be able to enjoy long rides with his cycling friends, but he would have assistance if he needed it.  Those of us that have ridden with Wayne on his e-bike will know that quite often he doesn’t even have the power turned on, or if he does, it’s on the minimum setting .

Wayne’s e-bike has meant that he can return to something he loves and he has had many great rides on it, even taking part in the 1001km Ride to the Top South Island trip in February.

Wayne is a much loved member of our cycling community, and is known for being down to earth and always encouraging others – well done Wayne, what a great way to mark 12 months