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Kairanga ITT Info – Sunday 16th August 2020

Kairanga ITT Info – Sunday 16th August 2020

Please find below:

Kairanga ITT – Race Briefing

16 August 2020

Todays race is an ITT of approx. 12 km.

You will be riding on Open Roads at all times and must comply with NZ Traffic Regulations, as well as UCI and Cycling New Zealand Schools Racing Rules

The course will be marshalled, but the ultimate responsibility is with you to ride safely and be aware of other traffic.

If a marshal instructs you to stop you must do so – importantly at the one lane bridge and turn around.

You must keep to the left half of the road at all times.

Do not drop any litter on the circuit, including gels or bottles.

This is an Individual Time Trial. If you are passed by another rider you must not draft that rider. It is the rider that has been passed to drop back from the other rider.

It is your responsibility to be at the start line on time.

Please adhere to all COVID 19 – LEVEL 2 protocols.

Manawatu School Cycling – Covid 19 Level 2

Due to the latest COVID-19 Government announcement and our upgrade into Alert Level 2 from midday Wednesday 12th August 2020 we will be implementing the following for this weekend’s ITT at Kairanga:


  • All competitors must be pre-registered and this will provide tracing of them.
  • All spectators and marshalls should complete the tracing form on-line. This is a shared document with Bike Manawatu as they will be hosting their event after ours.
  • All High School Riders will be located at Kairanga school pre and post-race
  • All Year 7 and 8 riders will be located at Horizons yard pre and post-race


  • All spectators will be located as per their children’s location.
  • Where they have one child located in each area they must stay in one location.
  • High school rider’s spectators will stay on the start line side of the road
  • Year 7/8 Spectators on the finish line side.

You must Maintain Social Distancing


  • All riders must pre-register
  • A start draw will be posted on Saturday
  • Riders will be starting 30 seconds apart
  • No more than 10 riders in the line ready to go at any one time
  • It is the rider’s responsibility to get to the start line on time
  • It will NOT be a held start
  • We will start Seniors first finishing with year 7/8 riders
  • After the race the riders are to return to their areas and not “hang around”.

Rider Start List

Please see the attached Start List and times for tomorrow.
Please remember Y7/8 riders in Horizons and High School riders located at Kairanga School. Could I please ask the Bike Manawatu riders to also locate at the Kairanga School for warm up etc.
Please parents and riders of Y7/8, while on Horizons property please have younger children refraining from climbing on anything in the yard and stay within the coned off area.
As there is no further registration in the morning remember due to Covid 19 restrictions it is advised not to arrive too early risking social distancing etc.

Please dont forget your numbers

Start Time Race
First Name Surname School
9:00:00 59 Kyle Hoskin BM
9:00:30 49 Chris Pinkney BM
9:01:00 8 Chris Harris BM
9:01:30 43 Josh Mulcahy PNBHS
9:02:00 118 Jack Overweel Wanganui
9:02:30 195 Riley Tunnicliffe FAHS
9:03:00 35 Harrison Craw PNBHS
9:03:30 34 Ta Craw PNBHS
9:04:00 37 Ben Petch PNBHS
9:04:30 28 Wilson Hannon PNBHS
9:05:00 40 Sam Wade PNBHS
9:05:30 197 Lochie Foote SPC
9:06:00 16 Tyler Mumby BM
9:06:30 5 Tim Lloyd BM
9:07:00 39 Paul Cole BM
9:07:30 60 Mike Craine BM
9:08:00 115 Andy Richardson SPC
9:08:30 77 Bella Ives PNGHS
9:09:00 73 Ashleigh Gunn PNGHS
9:09:30 138 Mark Evans BM
9:10:00 17 Warren Mumby BM
9:10:30 2 Megan Blatchford BM
9:11:00 76 Kylah Gunn PNGHS
9:11:30 115 Carl Dickason BM
9:12:00 78 Bella Rose Llyod PNGHS
9:12:30 7 Jo Coxon BM
9:13:00 67 Sarah Wade PNGHS
9:13:30 114 Chrysander Ruhnayat SPC
9:14:00 2 Lucy Evans FAHS
9:14:30 32 Nikau Joseph PNBHS
9:15:00 45 Seth Cousins PNBHS
9:15:30 27 Fergus Doolan PNBHS
9:16:00 39 Lucas Reed PNBHS
9:16:30 38 Jake Rayner PNBHS
9:17:00 79 Fallon Roy PNGHS
9:17:30 36 Deb Cuff BM
9:18:00 50 Jessie Coxon PNGHS
9:18:30 64 Sophie Peters PNGHS
9:19:00 56 Olivia Kingston PNGHS
9:19:30 54 Brianna Gorrie PNGHS
9:20:00 61 Jorja Nicolson PNGHS
9:20:30 55 Tia Humphrey PNGHS
9:21:00 47 Abby Ives PNGHS
9:21:30 Ruby Hansen PNGHS
9:22:00 60 Lucy Mclean PNGHS
9:22:30 48 Hayley Cornwall PNGHS
9:26:00 201 PNINS 1 PNINS
9:26:30 202 PNINS 2 PNINS
9:27:00 203 PNINS 3 PNINS
9:27:30 204 PNINS 4 PNINS
9:28:00 205 PNINS 5 PNINS
9:28:30 206 PNINS 6 PNINS
9:29:00 11 Ben Murphy Huntley
9:29:30 196 Austin Tunnicliffe Halcombe
9:30:00 111 Jack Kearney SPC
9:30:30 17 Jackson Broughan Monrad
9:31:00 119 Leighton Riley Whakarongo
9:31:30 200 Peter Bartholomew Huntley
9:32:00 7 Abbie Pettersson Halcombe
9:32:30 6 Millie Evans Halcombe
9:33:00 16 Hamish Cranstone Huntley
9:33:30 12 Hector Hewins Huntley
9:34:00 13 Reagan Carver Huntley
9:34:30 Henry Speedy Huntley
9:35:00 Ashton Trotter Huntley
9:35:30 113 Evie Richardson SPC
9:36:00 112 Ben Joseph SPC

A big thank you to Manawatu Schools Cycling for hosting our Bike Manawatu riders