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Iona McCarthy – Board member


My involvement with Bike Manawatu started when our sons took up competitive cycling during their secondary school years. I have spent many hours anxiously waiting on roadsides in New Zealand and overseas, clutching bottles and spare clothes, chasing around the course to a good vantage point to watch the peloton flash past in a blur. When my husband, Peter, was Club Chairman we took responsibility for organisation of the local events and I have done my time with a stop watch and road signage!

By 2004 I was no longer needed for support person duty and Peter bought me a bike; but it took three years before I started riding it. He then had to suffer through very slow rides, pushing me up hills, helping me “click in and out” while I built up confidence. Now I am an enthusiastic social rider, heading out with the Velo Girls each Tuesday and Bike Manawatu on Sundays.

I do understand the differing needs of the competitive and social rider and our club caters well to both groups. We have an excellent group of talented competitive cyclists in the club and we have a very supportive group of experienced social riders.