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Inaugural Manawatu Cyclocross race

CyclocrossSunday morning at Massey University is the inaugural Manawatu Cyclocross race at Massey University.  Run in conjunction with the Manawatu Mountain Bike Club and Massey University, it’s the first time an official cyclocross race has been held, in recent memory at least, in the Manawatu.  Racing will start at 9 am, so please be at the end of Workshop Rd on the Massey Campus by 8:30 am to register.  The Striders Half Marathon is also on Sunday morning, so if you are going to drive there, enter from Old West Rd and follow the signs for parking.  Best if you simply ride up to Massey though!

If you don’t have a cyclocross bike, bring a mountain bike (probably best) or road bike with big fat tyres. Much of the course is on grass, but there will be some gravel and some dirt.  There will be a few short sharp up-hills and downhills to work through and some obstacles to negotiate.  

It will be lots of fun!

If you’d like more information, contact Steve Stannard on 021809597.

See you on Sunday!