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In Memory of Brent Ellery

Brent Ellery was a special man, filled with a passion for his family, a passion for life and a passion for cycling.


Many of you will remember Brent when he came to our Saturday club races, decked out in his warm winter jackets, even through the warmest summer months. Brent loved his cycling and for me, it was always a pleasure to see his smiling face, always willing to end a helping hand or to sweep the track.

Brent and his wife, Cecile, and their two girls Samantha and Kate all played a huge part of Bike Manawatu, both with their strong racing accolades and for the many hours they all put in behind the scenes organizing races and marshalling on the corners. They are an incredible family.



Brent rode the Lake Taupo Challenge many years in a row, and his record was a testament to his strength, finishing in 4 hrs 20 minutes in 2011.

Sadly, Brent passed away on 25 June 2014. His generosity, his love and his passion for sports and his family will always be remembered. Brent had a big heart, was always keen for a good race and never gave up.

I know that he will have touched many others along his journey. Ride hard forever Brent. You will always be remembered and so dearly missed in our hearts.



Kirsty Kaihau