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Have you ever thought of cycling a Multi lap or any of the other events at TAUPO

Have you ever thought of cycling a Multi lap or any of the other events at TAUPO

Plus assist in raising funds for HeartKids NZ. Here,s your chance to do both.

At this 2019 Taupo Cycle Challenge I need to complete TWO laps to be the first by some 30+ laps to reach my 100th lap completion. That’s an average of 3+ laps each year for the past 32 consecutive years !.

A team named Hughes Joinery cycle4heartkids

is being formed to allow new & more experienced riders to join together & ride the ENDURO or any of the other event choices. Already 3 of the 1995 originals have shown more than a passing interest in joining in for some portion of the Challenge weekend.

The Enduro plan is to cycle the 1st lap in 6 1/2 hours, then head off to your motel or Caltex (checkpoint) for a clothing etc break, to be all ready to depart from Caltex by 8.30 for lap two, to be again ridden at a controlled pace. We shall all meet up in Kaimanawa street by the Taupo Fire Station near the end of our 2nd lap, where Team members whether they be Fast Enduro, Solo, 1/2,1/4 lake, Mtn/bike, electric or any other section who have completed their own event, removed transponder can cycle back out at approx 2.45—3pm so we can all don our Team T shirts & cycle into the finish, where Heartkids will have a snack/chat area available.

TEAM Entry, a donation fee of $50.00 to

Clearly noting on the message section, TEAM Hughes Joinery entry, plus event category chosen, & size required for Team T shirt.
Or email size to or message 02102206227.

A bulk order & printing of T shirts will commence after July 31st, when early entry discount ceases. When I see your entry fee paid on EDH page I shall then by return email or DM f/book send you the discount code, which is valid until November 27th.

If you wish to also fundraise directly for HeartKids advise Gillian at or phone 022 087 8966 & after your page & initial Team member donation of $50.00 is all set up you will receive a 20% discount code again valid till November 27th. Advise Colin as above your required T shirt size.

Additional Team Hughes Joinery benefits are Below

Team support leap frog vehicle for all of the ENDURO lap ONE.
Customised Enduro over-cap for 2019.
Team issue Sponsor printed T shirt.

A closed FB site will be set up after 31st July for Team members invitation to join/share thoughts/advice/suggestions.
My wish is for everyone to ENJOY the day & for some, the early am start !.
10% Team entry discount code (valid till November 27th) or
20% if you fundraise as earlier mentioned


View the Cycle Challenge Team web for exciting Team bonus.
30 riders in Team Hughes Joinery – ONE free entry to 2020 event—PLUS an additional one free entry for every multiple of ten riders for the 2020 event.
Know that your $50.00 Team entry fee IS going to a very worthwhile charity that assists the 12 babies born weekly in NZ with a heart defect.
ULTIMO have produced a sponsor printed Custom cycle kit at a very competitive price.. Details on this & other will be outlined on a TEAM closed FB group (or email if not a FB member) where questions/forum can be responded to by members.

Looking forward to your interest & joining together in this 100th lap of Taupo (attempt), already some $5500 has been pledged for Heartkids NZ—lets join together & really build it up. Cheers Colin (wal)

Colin Anderson end of super enduro 2002