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Grading Race–First race of winter season

STATS – 38 riders registered and started – 37 finished

The weather in the morning was perfect for riding – sun shining, mild breeze. So things were looking good for a reasonable turnout in the afternoon at Ashhurst for the grading race and start of the winter season of club racing.

The courses on offer were either 2 laps of the Ashhurst , Valley Rd, Colyton and back to Ashhurst loop or 1 lap. On offer was a recreational bunch ride following the same course but riding as a bunch and a short ride for the juniors but no one took up those offers. For the next few races these options will also be offered so if anyone wants to join in for these rides – just come along – you would be made very welcome and at the end of some of the rides is even afternoon tea.

Registrations on line were left open until 10 am so that a reasonable start list could be printed out. Unfortunately people didn’t take this opportunity (perhaps they were all waiting to see what the weather would do).

And although the wind had picked up a bit there was no rain when the race started. And the bunch stayed pretty well together to the end of the 50km zone in Ashhurst. Or at least that is what it appeared like at the back of the bunch. Then the riders that were only doing one lap gradually pulled back to a pace that suited what would become the C & D grade riders. By the time everybody was on Valley Rd the rain had started – just light at first – hardly enough to get wet but by the time everyone had completed the first lap  everyone was wet. There were only 15 brave soles that continued on to the second lap. And although there was still a relatively good bunch together as they all went through for the first lap they soon all split into 2’s or 3’s for the final leg. Congrats to John van Lienen who finished despite having to ride through the worst bit of weather.

Thanks to Mike Simpson for bringing the trailer out, Neil Martin for marshalling on Colyton corner, Matt Levin, Grant Shearman and Fliss Jackson for starting the race and recording the results.

For these people or their respective racers, they have done their duty for the next few weeks and all other riders will be allocated a race to either be a starter, finish recorder or marshal if they haven’t already selected the event they want to help with.

no   First Name Last Name
14 57.59 Joel Yates
11 57.59 Campbell Stewart
58 1.00.06 David Martin
134 1.00.06 Alex West
87 1.00.06 James Denholm
144 1.00.06 Jake van Lienen
1 1.00.06 Josh Kendall
121 1.02.44 Fergus Allan
48 1.02.44 Chris Denholm
38 1.02.44 Cameron Huston
145 1.12.15 Ruby Perry
52 1.12.15 Emily Shearman
3 1.12.15 Michaela Drummond
2 1.12.15 Tamara Ross
26 1.14.53 Pania  Hudson
112 1.15.39 Stu McKenzie
148 1.15.39 Andrew McKenzie
111 1.15.50 Darcey Ross
135 1.16.43 Helen Davis
146 1.17.41 Patrick Manson
88 1.18.33 Glenys Taylor
100 1.21.24 Val Devery
75 1.25.53 Adam Martin
120 1.55.41 Nate Levin
152 1.55.41 Jake Jackson – grammer
45 1.59.29 Paul Deuritz
6 1.59.32 Glen  Kirk
149 2.02.51 kevin Laskey
146 2.02.53 Richard Day
151 2.04.07 Paddy Daly
147 2.06.59 Ben Somerton
33 2.13.36 Jessica Hamilton
73 2.14.17 Toshi Yamauchi
138 2.14.17 Wayne Butcher
34 2.14.59 John Stewart
64 2.18.51 Andy Martin
113 2.36.57 John van Lienen
91 DNF Hayden Washington-Smith