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Give Track Cycling a Go!!

 The Feilding Track has been a great nursery to develop top track riders, the most famous being Jesse Sergent and Simon Van Velthooven, who have gone on to win the ultimate of Olympic track medals.

In 1999 when Ian Gray, helped by a small dedicated team began to rejuvenate Manawatu Track Cycling, which had reached its lowest support in the last 50 years, track cycling has gradually grown  (on the Feilding Track) to be very strong again .

Manawatu riders have won a amazing 86 medals at NZ National Track Championships since 1999.

This includes:

• 29 Gold Medals

• 30 Silver Medals

• 27 Bronze Medals

This has been made possible by both the excellent supportive programme we have had at Feilding and the great work of coaches led by Mike McRedmond and others over recent years.

This year another great programme continues at Feilding, The highlights include:

1. “Have a go day” to come and try riding a track bike at Feilding

2. You can hire a track bike for the season. We have 40 bikes of different sizes for hire (See below for details on how to hire)

3. Prize money of $1200.00 for the season

4. A brand new Fuji track bike to be presented to the most promising Under 17 rookie rider (first season on the track) following the first four club track meetings

5. An exciting programme of racing where everyone rides in the grade that meets the ability of the rider, means all new riders have the opportunity to compete

Track Bike Orientation:

There are two Track bike orientation sessions. If you hire a bike, or it is your first season riding on the track you need to attend ONE of these orientation sessions.

Membership/ Licensing:

If you are not a member of Bike Manawatu, you need to join if you wish to ride the track.

If you only wish to ride club track events you only require a BikeNZ RIDE CLUB License.

If you have aspirations to ride centre (West Coast North Island) Championships and National Championships (plus other open events), you require a BikeNZ RACE license.

There maybe track entry fees for club events to pay. Last year these were sponsored by two members of the Bike Manawatu Board but sponsorship may not happen again this season.

To Hire a Track Bike:

You will need to complete this form and return to  and an appointment time to collect your bike and other details will be sent to you.