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Gearing Changes for Bike NZ events from 1 July 2014

As advised in the December 2013 Presidents Newsletter / Technical Update, the Maximum Roll-out Distance for Junior U17 Riders increases to 7.0 metres for both Road and Track cycling disciplines, as from 1 July 2014.

A chart giving some gearing combinations for the 7.0 metre rollout can be found on the Cycling Australia website at

Please note, this change does not apply to NZ Schools Cycling Association competition. Schools continue with their own gearing for all age categories, as per their regulations, which can be found at

The BRT Racing Rules are being updated at the moment, to include the new U17 gearing, and should be issued in the next week or so.

The background to the change is as advised in December, which I have included below for reference.

“Over the last twelve months, consultation has taken place with a wide range of coaches, athletes, parents, equipment suppliers and Schools cycling, regarding proposed changes to gearing for Junior cyclists.

Based on feedback from this consultation, Council has taken the decision to align the U17 gearing with that adopted in Australia in 2012. Specifically, this is that the Roll Out Distance for U17 category competitors will increase to a maximum of 7.0 metres for both Road & Track cycling disciplines at all levels of competition. The change will take place AFTER the 2014 Club Road Nationals and Queens Birthday Tour of Taranaki, coming into effect 1 July 2014. The change that will occur on that date is based on the following:

– The current U15 rollout is appropriate for that age of athlete and the U19 rollout is mandated by the UCI

– The existing difference between U15 and U17 rollouts is small and does not reflect the significant physical maturation and training history of modern U17 athletes.

– The existing difference between U17 and U19 rollouts (or open gearing, where there are no U19 specific events) is large and abrupt from an athlete development perspective

– A rollout of 7.0m for U17 provides a 17% increase from U15 rollout and a 13% increase from U17 to U19 rollout, which is a more progressive increase than at present and more reflective of the relative physical development over those years.

– Commercially available gear combinations will fit within the 7.0m rollout maximum

– The change will bring complete alignment between BikeNZ and Cycling Australia for Junior Equipment and Gearing, to the benefit of those organising and participating in the increasing amount of trans-Tasman competition for both countries.”