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From the Board Chair – 17June

The last Friday of every month after work we are inviting our cycling community to join us for a social catch up which is designed to encourage all cycling people to network and enjoy each other’s company out of lycra.This social initiative has been a fun thing to do for BM and has brought many people together to further develop friendships. Couples and singles,young or mature who share a passion for cycling are coming along and enjoying their night. If you haven’t already experienced this cosy,warm,fun social Happy Hour we would love to see you.
When; Friday the 24th of June
Where; Hotel Coachman
Time; 5.30 to 7pm.

Rio Olympics Velodrome
For all of our trackies. Last week I returned from a couple of weeks in South America where I had the chance to spend some time in Rio de Janeiro Brazil the hosts of the upcoming Olympic Games in August.What a great city of vibrant charismatic people all building towards this famous global event.The stadiums,hotels and location of the most of the Olympic venues are surprisingly glitzy, not at all what I thought.But in true Latin tradition the Brazilians are leaving everything to the last minute assuring the world they will be ready.The impressive Velodrome looked well short of being ready to me which must be of concern for our seriously competitive NZ team who would probably be medal contenders on any surface.If you are going to Rio enjoy all of it you lucky things.Go NZ.