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Four Stage ‘Novice Tour of Manawatu’ a Success.

Bike Manawatu ‘Novice Tour of Manawatu’ is one of the best junior tours in New Zealand and last weekend brought the best riders together from all over New Zealand to compete in our tough four stage tour. Over 125 riders plus their supporters travelled from as far as Christchurch and Auckland and enjoyed a proper tour. They had to endure challenging sunny breezy conditions along with challenging courses in all age group competitions that put them to the test. And a test it was.

This iconic 44-year-old tour did not disappoint highlighting all the emotions of racing. Highly competitive race tactics and exciting finishes, pain, joy and the usual disappointment that comes with racing or mechanicals.
Bike Manawatu Race Organisers Mike and Tim Lloyd and there organising committee worked tirelessly in pre-planning the tour and on the day produced an energy sapping near seamless event for the riders and supporters they can be proud of.
To those volunteers, club members and wider community people who gave their time up to help make this tour a success, the club really thank you and appreciate your involvement. We needed your help and you stood up. Mike Craine has stated without you it would simply not be possible to run a proud event like this. To those of you who would be available to help out at our January 27th one day Gravel and Tar UCI Classic please email

Novice Tour Sponsors

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To the valued sponsors of this event your support has been amazing and invaluable. On behalf of the club, all riders and supporter we thank you and we encourage all members to support these people and their businesses when possible.

02 IMG 3966
The hotly contested under 19 men’s final stage road race seen here tackling the famous manawatu Valley Road Hill road climb on lap two of three. The eventual tour winner Nelson star rider Finn Fisher -Black held the yellow jersey at this point and went onto win the Tour (general classification).
Looks who’s watching, former Manawatu pro cyclist Jesse Sargent. Great to see him back at the Novice Tour.

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03 IMG 3908
Novice Tour race organiser Mike Craine conducting his volunteers race briefing at Tui Brewery before the first race day one. Mike along with his fellow race organiser Tim Lloyd and organising committee did an outstanding job organising and running this iconic event.

05 IMG 3914
Chief Commissaire Tim Whitehouse (centre) and his team of seven commissaires Mike Simpson,Glenys Taylor,Graeme Moffat,Sue Lyttle,Graham Eaton,Robin Wood and Wayne Fenn controlled the tour brilliantly. Tim is flanked by Barry Wilson lead car for the under 19 men, and fellow Commissaire Graeme Eaton.

06 IMG 3992

Busy as usual co race organiser Tim Lloyd conducting the after race roll out of the hotly contested 105km last day road race. Soon after Tim was back on the microphone conducting prize giving along with club secretary Keryn Paekau with military precision. A huge effort.

07 IMG 3995

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The prize giving set up was brilliant at the local Ashhurst Inn. It felt like riders, supporters, volunteers and sponsors where all together in a small European cycling village celebrating the end of a local tour. A great way to finish this year’s Novice Tour for everyone.
See you again next year….
Checkout all results on Facebook Novice tour of Manawatu.

Manawatu Festival of Cycling

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When:- Saturday January 27th
Where; From the square on Palmerston North. Registration packs will be collected from Cyclista Cafe -George street.
Time; Start times from 1.15pm
Party/Prize Giving; George street.Times to be confirmed.
Registrations; and courses.
Check out all of the finer details about the three events on the above online address today and register today.
Also check our video interview with last years winner Robert Stannard, race organiser Steve Stannard and riders Carne Groube and Rosie Obrien about what the “Gravel and Tar” means to them.@teamjvlatbaylets

Gravel and Tar Events

Three “Gravel and Tar” events will be on Saturday January 27th 2018 following the New Zealand cycle Classic a week earlier.
The headline event, the “Gravel and Tar Classic” will attract professional riders and teams from all over the world who have travelled to Australia and New Zealand seeking UCI points early in the International season. The world will live streaming the beautiful Manawatu which is a coup for New Zealand and Bike Manawatu. It is expected New Zealand’s best trade teams will participate and will be hard pressed against the Australian and Asian based teams, continental and pro continental teams.
Alongside with the “Gravel and Tar”, and to support our “Manawatu Festival of Cycling Weekend” a Gran Fondo (sportive)ride will be held over 70km.This is to give riders of all ages, levels and genders the opportunity to ride as part of the course the elite men will be riding. Crossing the international finish line will be exciting.
There is also a 30km fun ride called the Riverpath Challenge for the recreational riders like Mums, Dads, Kids and Grand Parents which is flat with a few easy gravel sections.
Enter online:

1) UCI 125km Manawatu Gravel and Tar Classic-International teams. Starts 1.30pm
2) The 70km Gran Fondo- All ages and abilities $55 per person: Start 1.15pm
3) The 35 Riverpath Challenge- All ages and abilities.$35 per person: Start 1.30pm

09 IMG 4032
Being awarded a UCI (1.2 level) International race is a big deal for New Zealand and the Manawatu. The “Manawatu Gravel and Tar Classic” has been running for two years and to get UCI accreditation has been described in rugby terms like holding a Super 15 Rugby final here in the Manawatu year after year. Its that big.
Bike Manawatu are hoping our members and the community will embrace and support the beginning of something special for our region.

The “Manawatu Festival of Cycling Weekend”. The stage is set for us all to build on year after year hoping to create our own “Cycling Festival” for everyone in the region and beyond to enjoy. Often cyclists have to travel away to events and pay for accommodation and entry fees upwards of $100 versus staying and supporting our local events and only pay $55.

Bike Manawatu’s concept on the “Weekend Festival of Cycling” on the 27th and 28th of January is perfect timing for families at the end of the school Holidays before returning to schools. Consider how the Lake Taupo Cycling Challenge got started all those years ago and where it is today.

Also on Sunday 28th of January our good friends the Manawatu Mountain Biking Club are supporting the weekend with the Kahuterawa Mountain Bike Challenge which will allow cyclists to ride the Gran Fondo on Saturday the 27th and then ride the Mountain Bike event on Sunday 28th.How good would that be? Check out the MountainBike website for more details.

Trust House North Island Trust Series

10 IMG 4031
We want to congratulate the many club members who challenged themselves as part of various teams to race the tough Trust House North Island team series that recently concluded in the Wairarapa. The results of our local teams and riders were outstanding.
Check the results out on

We welcome Bike Manawatu Memberships

Bike Manawatu welcomes all new members and value all of our current members who turn out week after week to ride a bike. Our annual memberships cost of only $45 for adults ,youths under 19 years old at $25 and family memberships with three or more at only $80 represent great value compared to most other sports.
What is important to know is that your club membership covers public liability insurance which is a valuable benefit. With over 300 Bike Manawatu organised rides per year and loads of great people and friendships you make, what could be better for bike enthusiasts than joining our club.
With your membership contribution we hope you try out as many local events as possible.
Equally we extend a request for more members to help out with our annual calendar of club events during at events from time to time.
Standing down riding an event every now to help out would help provide an even spread of helpers versus the small few who put there hand up regularly.
Contact Keryn our club secretary on to find out how easy it is to get your membership started or renewed or to be on our list of volunteers to call on every now and then.