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Final Club Road Race for Autumn Season

On what would have to be considered perfect conditions for racing a small determined field of riders gathered at Colyton Hall. For many this would be there first time on this course. It has in the past been used by the Schools cycling group and as an add on to the Valley Rd circuit.

With a poor turn out of volunteers I read the race briefing before handing over the start of the race to Catriona Pirie, who was eager to head to the local shop to grab a bite to eat.

I then drove out with the cone to the turn point past Creamery Rd and through the windy rolling countryside north of Colyton. At the turn point I quickly placed the cone and passed the time talking about the weather and farming conditions with a new farmer to the district, William who was keen to know about cycling in the district. Hopefully I convinced him to come out some time soon and join in for a race.

First to the turn point was Matt Seeley, who will be competing at club nationals in the open section.

He was followed not too far behind by the group of Chris Pinkney, Toshi and Nigel Doyle.They were working well together but it would be doubtful if they would be able to make up the time on the downhill leg to catch Matt.

Next around the cone was Megan followed by Tom Pirie. At the start all riders were told that I would act as the sweep wagon on the return if any one had a mechanical but I had to race back to the finish in order to record the finish times, so if the time delay was too long I would have returned to the point of last sight to gather any wayward riders.

Riders finished in the same order as the had at the turn point. And as Megan had said it was a good time trial if you happened to be dropped at any stage.

Thanks must go to the riders for turning up. One thing that noted and hopefully all riders will not do this at club nationals is they all stopped pedalling a few metres before the finish line. In a bunch finish this could be the difference between 1st and 10th place.  Good luck to Megan, Toshi and Matt at club nationals.

Matt Seeley  47 mins 22 secs

Toshi Yamauchi  50 mins 29 secs

Chris Pinkney  50 mins 31 secs

Nigel Doyle   51 mins 06 secs

Megan Blatchford   53 mins 36 secs

Tom Pirie  55 mins 43 secs