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Final Chapter Perth to Adelaide–Nearly home

Day 15 Thursday 27th June Elliston to Arno Bay

Looking outside first thing this morning it appeared gloomy but as the sun was not yet up it was difficult to determine what the day was going to be like. Within half an hour it was raining – real rain. And within a very short period of time there were puddles forming around the campervan P1010876

and the puddles got bigger and bigger. So a decision was made after first looking at the rain radars that showed rain was heading across the top half of the Eyre Peninsula and would continue for the rest of the day. Murray went and unplugged the power and we set off south towards Port Lincoln. After calling in to Lock Well BeachP1010877 which is the place for salmon fishing supposedly we carried on down and stopped at Mount Hope.By this stage it had stopped raining and I got ready to jump on my bike. murray final 002

My plan had changed and I was going to bike across the middle of the peninsula through Cummins P1010882P1010885over to Tumby Bay and then up to Arno Bay. M & M carried on down to Port Lincoln and  planned on being back at Tumby Bay around 1pm where they would meet me for lunch. Unfortunately I had not looked at the map at all so did not realise that there were a few hills on this route. I did however have a good look around this lovely part of the Eyre Peninsula. ( Actually thought of Richard Sheehan and Averil Sheehan as I stopped and took a photo of a property P1010886and realised that the name on the letter box was “Sheehan” )

P1010887P1010889Cabots HillP1010890

Hill with radio aerial just before the drop down to where M & M were waiting for me with lunch.P1010892

P1010895Nearly the end of another day. Murray had washed my bike (first time for everything)while I was in the shower PJs on ready for bed

“Oh do I need to get off my bike to go to sleep?”P1010897”Just put me to bed with my bike”P1010900image

Friday 28th June Arno Bay to Lucky Bay to Port Wakefield Today I am doing a cheat – not really. But when the opportunity is there you may as well take it. So M & M arrived at the Sea SA ferry before me and we boarded for the crossing across the Spencer Gulf. 2 hour sailing time.image  P1010901image

Then off the ferry and back on the bike after lunch with the aim of making it all the way to Port Wakefield. After a bit of a detour around Wallaroo as I had no idea how to get out of this place I was finally headed in the right direction. Heading a long towards Port Wakefield M & M passed me and then stopped on the side of the road to go and have a look in a pet shop. “Sorry guys you can’t take a pet snake home”

I couldn’t understand why I was in my little chain ring and why I was feeling like I was pedalling and not getting anywhere. It wasn’t  until I reached a point where the signpost said 5 % gradient for next 2km that I realised I had been climbing. Loved the downhill as always. But the sun had set and M & M had gone flying past. Last time when they were stopped on the side of the road was just before the downhill sign and I told them my current speed and that I would take another hour at current speed.murray final 007

Things changed on the downhill and they soon passed me again. As cars and trucks were now starting to come towards me with headlights on M & M finally decided that rather than  passing me and then waiting a few kilometres up the road for me to go past againmurray final 006 that they would tail me which was a far safer option for me at least.  Another day down – one final little bit to do.

Saturday 29th Last day Not a coast to coast effort but Water to Water. The Lakes Perth to Two Wells Adelaide. murray final 009A foggy start and another early start just as I wanted to get it over and done with. It was so foggy that when I go to the main road I couldn’t see across to the other side. I could hear vehicles coming but had no idea which direction they were coming from so I waited until I heard nothing and then made my mad dash across the A1. It wasn’t long and the 2 opposing sides of the road were separated by a barrier and the road heading to Adelaide became 2 lanes. perth final 031perth final 032The strip on the side was terrible to ride on but I tried my hardest to ride on it as much as possible in the fog. perth final 033Finished – murray final 015After dropping off the campervan we were picked up by Simon and Fiona and taken back to their place for the night before heading home the next day. perth final 034

a sense of achievement  sort of 

Didn’t quite make 2500km but close enough for me

DO IT AGAIN?    perhaps not

And my final words.

Some of the great music that I have listened to has included “In my daughters eyes” – thinking of Monique and “Lucky” 

I can’t sing to save myself but if anybody was riding along listening to me over the last few days they would have enjoyed “ Lucky to be in love with my best friend, Lucky to have been where I have been, Lucky to be going home again……”

I have had a bit of time to do some thinking. This ride was JUST A RIDE. Nothing spectacular. Nothing extraordinary. Any one of the people I ride with could have done the same but probably better. Journeys all have good parts and not so good parts, hills and valleys, sunny days and cloudy days. What inspires me is the strength and determination and courage faced by so many people as they face challenges in their lives/journeys. Some people will know that I am now and have been thinking of them on my journey. Your journey inspired and continues to inspire me. You are stronger and have more courage and determination than I will ever have. I send all my prayers and best wishes to you on your journey. To all the people that have helped me and wished me well on my journey – I sincerely thank you.



From /To
Day Distance Ave Speed Top Speed Time Climb
Perth /York Thurs 13th 47.6 23.9 52.6 1hr 56 233
York/ Bruce Rock Fri 14th 154 19.6 38.2 7hr 41 648
Bruce Rock/Southern Cross Sat 15th 137 22.8 43.5 5hr 52 497
Southern Cross /Coolgardie Sun 16th 186.2 24.1 42.1 7hr 32 536
Kalgoorlie/Norseman Mon 17th 190.9 23.1 43.7 8hr 04 442
Norseman/Balladonia Tue 18th 191.7 25.8 51.9 7hr 14 547
Balladonia/Cocklebiddy Wed 19th 246.6 29 40.9 8hr 18  
Cocklebiddy/Madura Thurs 20th 91.8 21.2 54.9 4hr 13 110
Madura/Eucla Fri 21st 182.3 25.4 40 7hr 192
Eucla/Nullabor Sat 22nd 198.1 25.3 40.3 7hr 40 172
Nullabor/Nundroo Sun 23rd 139.5 20.3 42.7 6hr 42 370
Nundroo/Ceduna Mon 24th 120.5 23.7 42.1 4hr 54 242
Ceduna/StreakyBay Tues 25th 113.3 22.6 46.2 4hr 54 276
Streaky Bay/Elliston Wed 26th

132.1 25.8 53.6 5hr 01 307
Elliston/ Arno Bay Thurs 27th 146.5 24.2 57.9 5hr 52 510
Arno Bay/Lucky Bay/Port Wakefield Fri 28th 124.5 22 57.3 5hr 38 370
Port Wakefield/Two Wells Sat 29th 58.8 23.6 32.6 2hr 25 52