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Essential Information for Rookie Track Riders

To be a great track rookie (new to track cycling) you need to read all the important tips below

  • You need to carry out all these things stated below. In cycling all little things add up to make you a better rider
  • Get your position on your track bike checked out on the track. A track position is different to your road bike. We have good coaches with lots of experience to help you set your bike up
  • Most track cycling is explosive short distance and you need ti be well warmed up. Get there early to meetings to get well warmed up. If cold, bring plenty of warm clothes to keep warm
  • Wear gloves and a singlet under your racing top
  • For bike fittings bring your cycling shoes and pedals; and measure your seat height and know your crank length on your road bike
  • Pulling your feet out if your clip less pedals is extremely dangerous on the track as in track racing you are often putting optimum pressure on the pedals. It is very strongly recommended that you get Velcro straps fitted. We will do this for you at minimal cost
  • Make sure your tyres are pumped up near to the maximum recommended pressure for the tyres specification. Don’t role soft tyres; your bike rolls much easier at correct pressure. Check this before each meeting or training session
  • For rookie riders (new to track) it is compulsory to attend one of the orientation sessions organised on 15 or 16 of October (see track programme here)
  • It is recommended you purchase a book “Beginners Guide to Road and Track Cycling” Authors Ian Gray and Jonathan Kennett. It has a lot of essential information for ‘rookie’ track riders. These will be available at half price for new track riders (normal price $20). For the first two riders that book in for a track bike hire appointment they will receive a free book!
  • Click here for information on making bike hire booking
  • Click here for more safety information.


Ian Gray

Track coordinator