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Erg night at the Marist club rooms

Paul O'Brien

Once a year the cycling code showcases the sport of cycling to the Palmerston north Marist sport fraternity. It is done by bringing an “erg” to the clubrooms. The idea behind it is to challenge the visitors at the clubhouse. Preferably with representatives from the Marist codes to see who can beat who on the erg. All of this with a dash of Tour de France atmosphere. This year we could use the new Lemond erg from John Stewart with the power meter sponsored by the Pedal Pushers. A great machine and the meter tell you all about your performance. On erg night though only max watt is what counts. The men of the night was Kyle a 15 year old playing rugby for the presidents. He produced a 898 watts.  The junior girls was topped by Natasha a presidents rugby supporter.Natasja Junior boys went to 11 year old Tyler a junior rugby player. The senior men winner was Alex Denholm producing 757 watts. On behalf of the life members of the club Paul O’Brien took the stand. On his first effort the meter was not recording so he had to give it a second shot. Paul was very pleased to see that his effort outperformed the colts representative effort.

All in all a nice evening at the Clubrooms. Thanks to Glenys for the nice nibbles, John for the use of the erg and Pedal Pushers for the use of the power meter. For next year we will try to pick an evening with more codes playing at home so we can get some more competition in.

Results in full