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Endomondo–Free your endorphins


endomondoIt’s amazing what you can find free on the internet.  If you have a smartphone with a GPS (e.g. Nokia, Android or iPhone) you can download an app that uses the phones GPS to track your ride (or run etc).  It actually sends progress updates while you are on the road… Your friends can see your ride details while in progress and take a look at your completed ride on the Endomondo website, including speed and a nice map of the route.

Here is an example of my light ride last Wednesday.


  • Neat way to track your cycling
  • Family can check on your ride… no more wondering how much longer you are going to be out on the road.
  • Could be some safety benefits.
  • Gives you a ride profile as well as a time & distance marker for every km of your ride to review later



  • Now your spouse can actually see how much time you are riding and how long you were at the coffee shop… try explaining that one away!


I’ll be using it on Saturday for the Taupo Event…  Hope my stats aren’t too embarrassing Smile