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Day 6 & 7 – Carcassonne and the Mediterranean

Leaving the Pyrenees behind, but still following the path of the tour, albeit a couple of days behind, we headed east to the city of Carcassonne.  SunflowersOn the way we passed through endless fields of sunflowers. 
When we arrived at Carcassonne we were all Who could believe that it wasn’t designed by Walt Disney?  It’s such a perfect castle, it’s a cliché of castles! 

We stayed the night and spent most of the next day wandering the narrow medieval streets full of shops and took a tour of the castle.

Carassonne StreetsCastle squareCastleCap d'Agde

Late that afternoon we continued east to the coast of the Mediterranean at Cap d’Agde. Although not the Cote d’azur it was the Med. The beaches weren’t crowded, but the water was dirty and cold and the prices high. It’s times like this you you really appreciate what we have in NZ.