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Day 2 Paris to Bordeaux (Bastille Day)

Today we are taking the TGV from Paris to Bordeaux. Our plan is to start in the south west and loosely follow the tour east, finishing at Grenoble, before returning to Paris by train for the final stage, where Rabobank have a day of activities planned for us.

The TGV needs a washThe TGV trip was quite eagerly anticipated, by me at least. Train travel is something Kiwis don’t get to experience often, and besides any train that goes at almost 300km/h has got to be good! The car GPS did have some trouble working out what road the train was driving on, but did show the speed accurately!

Bordeaux on Bastille is, in a word, shut. Actually some of the shops opened later in the day, but most places are closed and transport is hard to find. However our hotel is close to the old city which is very beautiful. We spent the day exploring the cobbled streets and buying shoes!
Reflection pond
BordeauxTonight there is, apparently a big fireworks display on the river front, but despite the best laid plans, returning to the hotel at 7 and laying on the bed, the motivation to go out again evaporated into jet-lag.