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Commonwealth Games success for Campbell Stewart and Michaela Drummond

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One year ago I made the decision to book tickets for Michelle and I to the Commonwealth Games 2018 in the hope our young Bike Manawatu stars Campbell Stewart and Michaela Drummond would gain selection.
Last week that decision was justified when the world was exposed to the class of Campbell and Michaela who both gave everything they could give on the track to represent themselves their families and New Zealand against some of the best track cyclists in the world.
As it happens it was the first time we had ever watched track cycling in a velodrome apart from the Feilding track where it all began for Campbell and Michaela under the watchful eye of Ian Gray. For us to watch it with the extended Stewart family and friends was a sensational adrenalin rush never to be forgotten for which we thank the Stewart family for.
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160 laps of racing at a ferocious pace that required total concentration and intelligence to be in the right position to capitalise on sprint points is thrilling and totally draining to watch as a spectator. You could feel the pain in the riders legs as they were forever sprinting to go with others or to win points. When these cyclists finished many could hardly walk. Brutal is the only word we could use to describe this level of international competition for our two young stars.
Campbell produced two incredible silver medal performances and Michaela a fantastic race to finish tenth in a world class field. Both remarkable results to be proud of for the club and in particular the track club members.

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Both Campbell Stewart and Michaela Drummond have been through the Bike Manawatu and Manawatu Schools cycling system and now are representing New Zealand is a testament to their dedication and commitment to the sport. Along with their families unwavering support and their fellow schools and club members support we can all be proud of Manawatu as a great place to cycle.

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Tune into my interview with Campbell at the Commonwealth Games on Sunday after 8pm on or TeamJVL on Facebook who talks openly about the race.


Bike Manawatu – Invitation to Riders and Non-Riders

For those who have experienced giving something back to an organisation or sport you are involved in is hugely satisfying. For those who haven’t yet experienced this, we offer you an opportunity to find out more and how to go about giving back to your club as a part time rostered volunteer or board member.

For me, after following my cycling son and daughter around local and national events for five years and now coming up to my fifth year on the Bike Manawatu board, two years as Chairman, I feel satisfied I have given something back to cycling. However, it is time for me to step down as Club Chairman and a board member at the AGM on the 28 April and let new people and fresh ideas take the club to the next level. I will remain actively involved with our club doing other helpful things.

Bike Manawatu now extend an invitation to any rider or non-rider who feels ready to give some of your time back to our club by expressing an interest and talk to us.

We have an outstanding team of people on the Bike Manawatu board- Mike Craine, Tim Lloyd, James Denholm, Andrew Ward, new board members Michelle Turner and Megan Blatchford-Peck and myself. We also have an outstanding club secretary in Keryn Paekau. Together we meet once per month for our board meetings, and in-between talking we communicate by email on decisions in the best interest of the club.
The volunteers roster always comes down to select few people who have put their hand up to help run events and be left to continue running events. By you offering to join our club roster list, all cyclist will benefit including yourself. Share in the experience.


Bike Manawatu Club “Prize Giving and Quizz”

Theme ” KIWIANA”
When; Saturday night 28th April
Where: Marist Sport Club (decorated)
Time;Happy Hour and AGM” from 5-6pm. 6pm until late prize giving and quiz.

We invite all members, families and supporters to this year’s club prize. This year we would really love you and your partners and cycling buddies to join us for some quality time together.
Discounted drinks at the bar will be open for the night and the prize giving will be broken up during the evening with a mix of celebrating success, quiz fun and a few spot prizes.
The old fashion concept of “bring a plate” is a tradition people enjoy.
The more people the merrier…..Let’s all support this night together.
Email club to confirm your interest and attendance.
The Bike Manawatu AGM will be held prior to the prize giving between 5-6pm.