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Commissaires course in Palmerston North in August

by | Jul 2, 2013

Bike NZ are in the planning stage for the next set of Commissaires courses and they have said that running one in Palmerston North would be a good fit.

For these courses, they  now run these as a one day Club/Centre Commissaires course (a 7 to 8 hour course), which is a pre-requisite for those that may wish to later go on to do a National Commissaires course. The Club/Centre qualification allows people to officiate at the club and regional level, and also to assist at major events under the supervision of a National Commissaire.

Bike NZ require the Centre to provide a venue with a classroom type set up (whiteboard and projector if possible). There would be a fee per participant, which would go towards the cost of travel and accommodation for the course tutors (who will be volunteer National Commissaires) and provision of materials.

There is a short exam at the end of the course. Bike NZ would then assign a local, senior commissiare to provide support to the new Commissaires.


If you are interested in attending this course and gaining this qualification please get in contact with me ASAP.