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Commissaire & STMS

Ever thought of becoming a Cycling Commissaire?

Commissaires play a critical role in our sport, ensuring that cycling races are held in the best possible conditions and that races are run fairly by ensuring that the rules are uniformly applied.
Please send expressions of interest to

Would you be interested in training to become a club STMS?

Traffic management plans are becoming a big part of cycle racing. Without them we simply cannot run races on the open road.
We want to create a good rotation so everyone can ride their bikes and join in on our races. To do this we need to increase the pool of people we can call upon to be the duty STMS. In general terms a cycling event STMS may be responsible for preparing a new traffic plan (if we are using a new circuit) lodging traffic management plans with the council and assisting with course set up and collection.
The more qualified people we have the more we can share this around and prevent races from being cancelled.

If you or someone you know would be keen to give back to our club and train in this position please send expressions of interest to

STMS course