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Colins record breaking ride at Johnstone Park velodrome

Lots of people assembled from 9am onwards this morning, bringing caravans, erecting flags, putting sponges on the outskirts of the track and setting up for what was to be a big day at the track.

P1010350The lights were tested and working although not needed at 10am unfortunately the power wasn’t working so the planned start for 10am was delayed for 1/2 hour until a suitable alternative was made available.

The wind was gusty and clouds loomed overhead.  Visitors were popping in from the very start, staying for a short time and then departing as the next lot of spectators arrived. It isn’t often that something as gigantic as this happens on your own back door.

The officials are all in place centrefield with timing machines recording every lap.


Whilst watching Colin he is regularly getting off his saddle and stretching and moving about, changing position from his aero bars to his hoods. His fluid intake can be observed as he changes his bottles.  For the first few hours he was averaging 31.5 km/hr but it dropped back to 31.0  so despite the windy conditions he is still in fine form for breaking the record.




Update at 11.30pm on Saturday night.

Colin has unofficially broken the 12 hour record by 2 laps. He has taken a short break off his bike and is now back looking to complete his 650km in 24 hours. He has done 876 laps in the first 12 hours

The wind has dropped to nothing – or that is how it appears to those of us standing in the middle of the track.

Still a good lot of supporters dropping in to encourage Colin in his attempt.



Last update

All over now.

With the Sunday bunch riders popping in to show there support there was again a steady stream of onlookers as Colin approached the cut off time of 10.30am

He made the call with half an hour to go that he wanted to be told when he had 2 minutes to go.  So as each lap was completed the gathering crowd clapped as he went over the start/finish line.

The officials continued to record each and every lap. Different small groups were positioned at various points around the track, each with different noise makers that sounded out at various times as Colin rode past.

And then the countdown begun.

P1010363Colin going past the start finish line with the clock showing that he had been riding for 23 hours 57 mins and 22 secs.

As he went past Mike Sturgess, Mike called out to him to go faster, so Colin  stood and started what looked like was going to be a sprint for the finish.

As time was called at 24 hours he was around at the top corner of the back straight.

And rather than just stopping, Colin continued past the crowd on the grandstand and continued for another couple of laps as a cool down.


Unofficially he had completed 632 kms something like 1575 laps.

WELL DONE COLIN. You deserve a good meal, and a rest now. Till the next challenge.