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Coaching series

The coaching working group are developing a series of coaching evenings where a range of topics will be discussed. These evenings are set for the winter evenings over the next couple of months. These sessions will be open to all financial members.


The first session is to be conducted at the Marist Clubrooms on Monday 25th July starting at 7pm. It is envisaged that these sessions will be approximately 2 hours.

Some of the topics that will be covered over the series will include


1.Coaching cyclists: An introduction to the art.(Mike McRedmond)

why be a coach
what do athletes want from their coach

Attributes of a good coach

2. Nutrition for cycling (Steve Stannard)
3. Resistance training for cycling (Steve Stannard)
4. Training for the track (Mike McRedmond)


So mark this first date on your calendar – question and answer area will be part of each session. Further topics will be developed as the need or desire for these arises.