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Club Road Race Saturday 30 April 2011

Even though preregistration for the event was called for not many people had preregistered. So when the weather turned out fine although a bit cooler with a brisk wind it was good to see a large turnout. A lot of riders were using the event as a final practice before the Club Nationals in a weeks time. Sixteen A grade riders headed off to complete 2 laps of the 33km circuit from Colyton down to Ashhurst up to Valley Rd and then back to Colyton. It took the lead riders exactly an hour to complete the first lap, at which stage 3 riders had a small advantage over the chasing bunch. However those lead riders were caught on the second lap and with the tough wind conditions a couple of riders called it a day and di not complete the second lap. Unfortunately there were only 3 B grade riders registered. They were to complete 2 laps of the course also but they were combined with the 9 C grade riders which only had to do one lap of the course. The D grade was going to complete the same circuit but due to the lack of experience of some of the riders and the conditions the D grade was split and 2 riders went with the C grade and the remaining 5 riders did a shortened race from Colyton out to the top of the Valley Rd lookout and return. This was the final event for awhile as after Nationals next week we will be having a break for a few weeks. Keep an eye on the club calendar to see when the next Saturday race will be.


A Grade 2laps 66km

1st 16 Adam Gosney 1hr56.3
2nd 13 Angus Findlay ST
3rd 7 Miguel Dib ST
4th 19 Chris Sanson ST
5th 12 Mark Findlay 1hr58.02
6th 18 Kent Croote ST
7th 3 Mark Waterland 1hr58.14
8th 9 Neil Martin ST
9th 10 Luuk van Wagtendonk 2hr01.06
10th 14 Michael Hall 2hr02.42
11th 8 Matiu Kaihau ST
12th 1 Max Annear-Henderson 2hr02.44
13th 11 Jaycob Humphries 2hr18.55
14th 4 Jonty Hapeta ST
  5 Steve Stannard DNF
  15 Daniel Lithgow DNF


B & C Grade combined 1 lap 33kms

1st 20 Kyle Davie 1hr11.46
2nd 41 Michaela Drummond 1hr12.13
3rd 48 Robert Stannard 1hr12.22
4th 49 did not want to be recorded 1hr12.26
5th 23 Pat Edwards ST
6th 46 Tom Pirie 1hr18.32
7th 40 Ruby Perry 1hr19.47
8th 44 Britteny Baker 1hr19.48
9th 42 Kathryn Young 1hr19.49
10th 21 Matt Elliott 1hr19.53
11th 45 Oiroa Kaihau 1hr24.25
12th 47 Ross Castle ST
13th 55 Dave Drummond 1hr27.00
14th 57 Brad Johnson 1hr36.01


D Grade out and back approx20km

1st 53 Kyle Davie 1hr05.31
2nd 50 Michaela Drummond 1hr05.37
3rd 51 Robert Stannard 1hr05.39
4th 54 Abi Mitchell 1hr09.51
5th 58 Catriona Pirie ST