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Club Road Champs Results

What a brilliant day – the weather couldn’t have been kinder. The suggestion to run the club champs at this time of the year rather than the end of the year was taken on board by the events working group and the date was set. So if it seems that we have had club champs in very quick succession then you are right we have. The medals for these club champs will be awarded at the AGM on 26th April at Marist Clubrooms starting at 7pm.

Having the majority of riders pre-register via the calendar was brilliant and made the job of sorting out who was riding in what group so much easier. Please remember when registering it is the Bike NZ username and password that you need to use. If you have not changed it to something you can remember yet, go to and click on the right hand side where it says online membership road and track. Login using the user name and password then click on update my details. Scroll down to access and change the user name and password to something meaningful to you.


Thanks to Oiroa, Brian and Barry for recording all the results and setting groups off at the correct times. Thanks also to Kim Andersen and Suzanne Winterburn for helping at registration and John Arbuckle and Suz Winterburn again for being marshalls out on the course.

Click here for  full results.

Still to come are hill climb champs which will be held at the end of the year.

Please note that non members although their results are recorded are not eligible for medals.