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Inspiring a Generation.
The catchcry theme for the 2012 London Olympics was ” Inspiring a Generation”.
The poms really did perform extremely well both on the the park , the track, the water, the velodrome and “off the field”. It was a pleasure to experience the “best games ever” and of course being there when our two local boys and in particular Simon winning bronze medals in dramatic style was a lifetime memory.
Both Jesse and Simon rode with such courage and determination. Their medals were richly deserved.
Given the huge success that Team GB had at these Olympics , already clubs across the UK are experiencing record interest across a range of sports. A generation has been inspired and the opportunity for more success and the door for future medals has been opened. Some clubs now have waiting lists !
With the exploits of Jesse and Simon, the same kind of  opportunity on a much smaller scale exists in our own community and particularly our cycling community.

 As a club we need to be sure that we are organised and capable of providing for our future champions. The growth and interest will be felt most at school level. But as in the UK, we need to attract and retain our older members and future members in ” giving back” by way of coaching and offering structured support to what I predict will be a large influx of burgeoning cyclists. Whilst we are reasonably well organised and resourced at school level, more could be done , and not just at school level.
Simon and Jesse have well and truly proven that there is a pathway to the top from our region. It would be a shame if potential Olympians ,champions or any keen cyclists were denied through lack of support. The club will need to rise to this challenge. We have already shown we can meet challenges. In the meantime lets celebrate the success of Jesse and Simon. Bike Manawatu can rightfully claim to be the “heart of cycling in New Zealand”. Jesse and Simon truly are homegrown.
from somewhere in Edinburgh,
Paul van Velthooven