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Central Energy Manawatu Sports Awards

Bike Manawatu wish to congratulate Campbell Stewart, Michaela Drummond, Libby Arbuckle and Emily Shearman on being selected as finalists for the Central Energy Trust Manawatu Sports Awards to be held on Friday the 2nd of March.
Tickets are available from Sports Manawatu and doors open at 5.45pm at Central Trust Arena.

A Hot summer of Safe cycling

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This year’s summer has been kind to cycling enthusiasts with groups and solo riders building their kilometres. Every year is different and we all know weather plays a big part of how much time we spend on the bike often braving the elements. More recently though everyone seems to be loving the weather and cycling. May it continue.
On a more serious note. All recreational riders and groups are responsible to choose the safest possible route please. Staying hard left on the left side of the road and two abreast (unless single file is called for) concentrating and communicating throughout the ride is road etiquette and generally safe.
So why have many of our riders and ride groups been seen (far too often) looking for cover and spreading three and four abreast across the road at times even over the white line.
This disregard for safety is why many other road users get frightened or angry towards cyclists when approaching us from behind or oncoming.
Please be sensible and ride in the most appropriate groups and follow cycling etiquette. Spirited riders if you want to race knowing the group will split at some point maybe pre plan your groups more appropriately before you leave.
A good safe ride with your cycling buddies and a coffee and good banter together afterwards is fun. A serious accident would not be worth thinking about.
Check out: NZ Transport agency- The Official New Zealand Code for cyclists.


Bike Manawatu ” Dinner and Dance Prize Giving “

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Lock in this date in if you want to dress up and enjoy a cycling “Dinner and Dance Prize Giving“ with your partner and cycling buddies. Get ready to book a seat or table with friends and we will recognise and celebrate success and have some fun together. This invitation goes out to all masters and schools people past or present.
When: Saturday night the 28th of April
Where: details to be released soon.
Anyone keen to help put something fun together for this our first “Dinner and Dance Prize Giving” email Keryn We would love to hear from you.