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Build up to Schools Nationals 2019

As we now build towards Schools Nationals, the pinnacle event of our schools cycling calendar, I think it is a good time to take inspiration from some our past (and present) MSC cyclists to drive you towards your goals, for not only this event, but also any future aspirations and dreams you may have in this sport.

When you look at this list of riders currently racing and chasing their dreams around the world, you can understand why for nearly 9 years I have said that if you are racing at MSC events, you are racing at the top level in NZ (and now the world) week in and week out…. I just didn’t realise how many of them until I started to compile this!!!

· Robert Stannard riding for Mitchelton Scott on the World Pro Tour – enough said – and wow.

· World Elite Omnium Track Champion Campbell Stewart (again – wow)has recently been road racing in Europe and then Canada taking a number of podiums there and now starting preparations for Olympic Games.

· Michaela Drummond has recently been on the Road and Track in the famous T-Town winning her first UCI Omnium title and then preparing for Olympic Games.

· Luke Mudgeway is with his Irish UCI Continental team – Evo Pro – and still inspiring the next generation of youth (see photo).

· Lizzy Stannard – Has been racing Australian NRS events and in Europe.

· Emily Sherman part of the NZ Endurance team and part of the team build up for Oceania’s and as part of the World Cup event team.

· Ethan Crain competing at the Tour de L’Abitibi (U19 Nations Cup) in Canada and taking a stage podium over the past couple of weeks.

· Dylan Simpson is racing in America and Canada at both UCI events and then following Michaela’s lead heading to T-Town track cycling.

· Carne Groube has been riding for his Australian NRS team and now in Canada and America on the road with Dylan before returning to NRS events in Australia.

· Joel Yates is with his American team Gateway Devo Cycling Team. (Sorry Joel – please fill in the gaps as my research hit May!)

· Libby Arbuckle is ridding for the Mike Greer Homes Women team competing in Europe in a number UCI Road events and taking out a podium.

· Connie O’Brien, also riding for the Mike Greer Homes women team with Libby, and not to be out done, was also standing on the podium in in yet another UCI event.

· The most recent success story (today) is Maddi Hartley Brown, who is racing in America for the team New England Devo for 5 months, has just won one of the stages Intelligentsia Cup stages in Chicago.

Not to forget our Tri- athletes in David and Adam Martin who are both in Europe competing and have both podiumed in the last week – with many more to come.

An unbelievable number and I am sorry if I have missed anyone – Please let me know!!

Yes, I know more about some than others, but it is incredible to look at the list above and see the amazing things that are happening for these cyclists from their humble beginnings riding the same races you now are, week in, and week out at Manawatu Schools Cycling.

These 15 individuals are taking on the world, while doing what they love. Take inspiration, chase your dreams and remember it all starts on a winter Sunday morning in Manawatu!!