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Bridle Track Extension

Te Matai Rd, Palmerston North to Ashhurst Domain

Bridle Track  [Mooted as: Patricia Fraser Memorial Trail]

Jordan & Ross Castle have been working hard advocating for a Bridle Track extension, forming a cycle link between Palmerston North & Ashhurst.  Jordan has organised a petition and he has over 300 signatures so far.
You can contribute to the petition which will form part of a submission to PNCC in March.



  • Provide SAFE off highway cycling and walking route for a wide range of recreational users and commuters using “active transport” to work.
  • Help STOP cyclists being killed –
    • 4 cyclists (including local mum of 4 – Patricia Fraser) died over 3 days from 14-17 Nov 2010 after being hit by vehicles
    • Another local cyclist at 74 years old killed in January 2011
  • Create a safe adventurous fun and dynamic opportunity for more adults and children to be active for longer periods
  • Increase asset value of region for tourism and visitor use, recreational, leisure and sporting opportunities
  • Provide critical safe travel link to Balance and Gorge area
    • 22 000 walkers currently traverse the Manawatu Gorge Walk.
      70 000 people visit the Ashhurst domain annually.
      A similar number of users (and probably more – possibly 100 000+) may use the extended track for access either by foot or cycle.
    • Create a recreational corridor to proposed Gorge Mountain Bike track and proposed regional mountain bike park
    • Valuable safe recreational access connection to North Range Rd circuit options for return journey of up to 70km
  • Promote economic development opportunities including new sporting events along circuit

Who would use the track?

Current users

  • Families
  • Walkers
  • Runners
  • Cyclists
  • Anglers
  • Orienteering groups

Possible new users

  • More children during holiday periods
  • Trekkers and long distance walkers
  • Sport groups and Sporting events
  • Kayakers and water borne sports users
  • Out of region visitors and tourists
  • Regular commuters to school and work between Ashhurst and PN


  • More people on bikes.
  • Staying Alive. Nobody dying on SH3
  • More to do in the region
  • Enhanced regional identity
  • Economic stimulus

What can you do…?

  • Show your support for the project by adding the power of your name to this petition