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Bone Collector results

We could not have asked for a better day as far as the weather was concerned. Very little wind and the sun was shining , which meant that riders that were waiting their turn to join the team were able to socialise with other riders/bones. The teams really entered in to the spirit of the competition with all team members assembling at registration and cheering off their first bone. The first pick up point was to be at Colyton and the 9 riders that left Ashhurst were given the race briefing that stated they could ride as a bunch until they pick up their third bone at Ashhurst.

However Team Stan Bam (which sounds a bit like a Flintstones character) had different ideas on how the race should take shape and made a split from the bunch on the first leg. And although the other teams came through Colyton on the first leg with small gaps between each rider they had reformed in to a bunch and  the lead had gone by the time they returned to Ashhurst with the second bone. The Dream team or Dreamers as they had been renamed along with  Team StanBam and The Stewarts  all went through the Ashhurst transition recording the same time. Andrew Wards team and the team that was later called the Legends were next to collect their 3rd rider followed closely by the Tri Hards, Ross Castles team, the Die Hards and the Fantastic Femurs. By the time they reached Colyton for the second time and collected their forth bone small gaps were starting to reappear. The collection point meant that the 4th rider could see when their team was approaching and had no problems joining the team formation. Team StanBam had a 1 minute lead over the Stewarts, who were a minute in front of the Dreamers. Andrew Wards team was a further 2 minutes back followed another 2 mins back by the Legends. Less than a minute back was the Tri Hards followed by the Die Hards and the Fantastic Femurs.

The prize money legs were the 5th and 6th legs. Times were taken when the teams started with their 5th bone at Ashhurst and was taken again when the 6th bone joined in Colyton and finally at the end. This meant that every team was in with a chance to win prize money as it was the fastest to complete each of these legs with all of their team. Ross Castles team consisting of Neville Weir, Mike McMInn, Jordan and Ross Castle, Britteny Baker completed the 5th leg in 42 mins 5 secs to take this leg. They then picked up their final bone  Katie Neumann.

The 6th leg prize money was taken by the Dreamers, comprising Luuk van Wagtendonk, Leyton Gapper, Rachel Southee, Ruby Perry, Marcel and Sharon Hollenstein, who completed the final leg in 21 minutes 27secs. just pipping John Stewarts team who completed the leg in 21 minutes 56 secs.

The first team over the line and winning overall honours on the day was  Team StanBam, made up of Jaycob Humphrey, Steve and Elizabeth Stannard, Tom, Andrew and Stevie Bamford, completing the 103km in 3 hours 5 minutes and 51 secs.

Thanks to all the helpers on the day. Perhaps next year we may change the course a little bit but the idea was great. Next year we would hope that more teams enter and the team names are a bit more imaginative. A stellar effort by the Legends thanks to some marvellous encouragement and some gentle persuasion up the hills.