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Bone Collector–an event for all

bone collectorWhat is a Bone Collector – Apart from being a movie it is also a fun event that we have held on different circuits over the past few years. This years course is relatively flat.

Each lap is just under 15km. so the first rider will complete a total of 60km, 2nd rider will complete 45km, 3rd rider will complete 30km and 4th rider will complete 15km.

The first rider for each team starts and they can ride as a bunch for the first lap, when they get back to the start point the second rider from each team joins them and from this point on they ride as a team. Then the third person or bone joins them for the 3rd lap etc.

Register at Glen Oroua School at 1pm on Saturday 25th October.

Race will start at 1.30pm 

If you would like to race but do not have a complete team please enter and place “0” in the team names that you are missing and we will match you with other riders in a similar position.

Teams will determine their own race order ie who goes first and completes all 4 laps, who goes next and completes 3 laps etc.

Each team must have at least 1 under 17 rider, 1 female rider and 1 rider over 35.

Entry fee for a team is $15.

If you are not riding and are able to help please send an email to