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Board Chair’s update

NEXT FRIDAY; 27 May; “Bike Manawatu Happy Hour”
WHERE; Hotel Coachman
TIME ; 5.30 to 7pm
Come along and Join your fellow cyclists and volunteers for some good old fashion banter across all ages for fun.See you there.

Cycling Falls- Ouch!
When you start out cycling, fellow cyclists say, “it’s just a matter of time before you will fall off your bike” which is a scary thought and one you think will never happen to you. Yeh Right. For those of you who have come off your bike and hurt yourself I am now in your exclusive club after four years of cycling.First hand, it is not a nice experience but it is part of our wonderful sport.Like all sporting injuries they are not nice and some are worse than others.Think about gruesome rugby or snow skiing injuries.Your passion for cycling,fellow cyclists and riding picturesque Manawatu will help you recover and get back on your bike.Believe me.

Before my fall recently, I had always taken an interest in listening to other fellow cyclists who had fallen and injured themselves sharing their gruesome stories in horror.Then some time later we would see them reappear in a group ride looking very tentative and worried about yet another fall.Not long after they were back cycling stronger and better then ever.Thats what determination looks like.

If there is a moral to this story it can only be “concentrate” the whole time your are riding and always stick to good cycling protocols to minimise the risk of causing an accident in a group or falling off yourself. Falling off in cycling is not pleasant. Many have fallen before and many will fall in the future but this great sport is worth getting back on your bike for. Remember to empathise for the returning cyclist who needs you to ride along side them with care.