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BM Track Results Thursday 19th December 2019

BM Track Results Thursday 19th December 2019

Thank you to everyone who raced yesterday, conditions were testing to say the least, at least the meal afterwards made up for it eh?? (hehe) Please find attached the race meeting results, the team sprints was especially fun to watch. Thank you all so very much for all your continued support, input & participation. Rider of the day is “The Powerhouse” Paul Peters congratulations mate. Kind regards

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Bike Manawatu Track Meeting Results 19.12.2019

      Johnston Park Feilding      
Race Race Type Rider Number Category Times / Placing    
1 U13 & U15 7 Lap H/Cap Austin Tunnicliffe 20 U13B 1st    
    Andy Richardson 15 U15B 2nd    
    Ben Murphy 19 U13B 3rd    
    Sophie Peters 11 U15G 4th    
    Cate Claasen 10 U15G 5th    
    Sam Claasen 14 U15B 6th    
2 U17 & U19B 14 Lap H/Cap Michael Richmond 88 U19B 1st    
    Ben Irvine 65 U19B 2nd    
    Riley Tunnicliffe 91 U17B 3rd    
    Lochie Foote 13 U17B 4th    
    Jack Carson 77 U17B 5th    
    Travis Clarke 24 U19B 6th    
    Derek Clarke 23 U17B 7th    
3 U17G & U19W Mystery Race Ashleigh Gunn   U19G 1st    
    Kylah Gunn   U17G 2nd    
    Georgia Simpson 90 U17G 3rd    
    Neriah Kaihe-Woolston 68 U17G 4th    
4 Masters M&W 7 Lap H/Cap Jessica Hamilton 61 WM1 1st    
    Torban Foote 56 MM1 2nd    
    Paul Peters 81 MM2 3rd    
    Aaron Claasen 10 MM1 4th    
    Merv Clarke 19 MM3 5th    
    Laura Richardson 85 WM1 6th    
    Yvonne Clarke 12 WM1 7th    
5 U13 Scratch Race Ben Murphy 19 U13B 1st    
    Austin Tunnicliffe 20 U13B 2nd    
6 U15 2 Lap Scratch Race Andy Richardson 15 U15B 1st    
    Sophie Peters 11 U15G 2nd    
    Sam Claasen 14 U15B 3rd    
    Cate Claasen 10 U15G 4th    
7 U17 & Up 2 Lap Scratch Race – Heat 1 Angus Claasen     1st    
    Michael Richmond 88 U19B 2nd    
    Ben Irvine 65 U19B 3rd    
    Riley Tunnicliffe 91 U17B 4th    
8 U17 & Up 2 Lap Scratch Race – Heat 2 James Cuff     1st    
    Lochie Foote 13 U17B 2nd    
    Jack Carson 77 U17B 3rd    
    Travis Clarke 24 U19B 4th    
    Derek Clarke 23 U17B 5th    
9 U17 & U19W 2 Lap Scratch Race Ashleigh Gunn   U19G 1st    
    Kylah Gunn   U17G 2nd    
    Neriah Kaihe-Woolston 68 U17G 3rd    
    Georgia Simpson 90 U17G 4th    
10 Masters 2 Lap Scratch Race – Heat 1 Torban Foote 56 MM1 1st    
    Jessica Hamilton 61 WM1 2nd    
    Aaron Claasen 10 MM1 3rd    
    Merv Clarke 19 MM3 4th    
11 Masters 2 Lap Scratch Race – Heat 2 Paul Peters 81 MM2 1st    
    Yvonne Clarke 12 WM1 2nd    
    Laura Richardson 85 WM1 3rd    
12 Team Sprints Paul, Lochie, Michael   1.32.63 1st
Winning Team Prize $30.00

    Neriah, Ashley, James   1.37.75 2nd    
    Derek, Aaron, Angus   1.42.37 3rd    
    Ben, Sophie, Riley   1.43.39 4th    
    Yvonne, Travis, Ben   1.44.20 5th    
    Sam, Jack C, Torban   1.45.16 6th    
    Cate, Neriah, Ashely   1.47.32 7th    
    Austin, Kylah, Jess H   1.48.29 8th    
    Laura, Merv, Andy   1.52.16 9th