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BikeManawatu Membership 2015

Membership for Bike Manawatu is due for the 2015 year.  

Recreational Riders

If you would like to become a member who enjoys the Bike Manawatu membership discounts and would like only to do club activities, then you can register directly with the club as a social member (contact for $35.  

Ride and Race

If you would like to race only at the club level, then you can join as a ‘Ride’ member.  If you are keen on doing racing at the next (regional or national) level, then you will need to register through Cycling NZ as a ‘Race’ member.  The latter allows you to compete at other clubs or regions, participate in Centre-organised events, and do the National Championships. 

For more information, see the Cycling NZ membership webpage:
Whichever level of membership you choose, please remember to “tick” the Bike Manawatu club in the Cycling NZ portal when you register there.  If you choose to register as “Ride Free” and therefore NOT want to race or have any Cycling NZ benefits, then you can still choose to be a Bike Manawatu member by clicking on ‘Join a club’, then ‘Find a club’ and ticking Bike Manawatu. This essentially makes you a social member.
You will still be then asked to pay the annual club fee of $35.  Let us know if you have any problems by emailing