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Bike Skills Course – Jan 12

Ross Castle will be delivering another bike skills course in January 12. 

The success of this course has been based upon the delivery of two previous courses.  The last one was in the October school holidays where 21 teenagers between ages of 11-15 attended the four day program.

The participants learnt a variety of techniques to improve bike riding/handling (braking, cornering, hills, bunch riding) and increase confidence.  They also gained technical information from highly experienced riders such as Massey University’s Associate Professor Steve Stannard who discusses power delivery; Barry Gilliland who offers his knowledge and skills on wind resistance and friction reduction, and Steve Pedley who talks about tyres and rolling resistance.


Feedback from the October course indicated the kids had a blast, were never bored, who enjoyed being part of a group, were well fed, rode heaps and learnt a lot. The overall outcomes were riders who performed better, were more confidence and were safe in a bunch environment.

This January’s course is an opportunity for girls and boys that targets those who are about to attend level 9, or riders who are new to the sport.  It is also very beneficial to older riders to gain more confidence and skills.
Ross is also available to run private sessions for smaller groups.
For more information please ring Ross Castle 027 477 2548 or read the brochure for more details.