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Bike NZ Runs a Level 1 Coaching Course in Palmerston North

Bike NZ recently ran a level 1 coaching course over Waitangi weekend in which a number of Bike Manawatu people attended.  The course aims to give basics skills and advice to participants so they can coach road cyclist.  In order to achieve accreditation, potential coaches must complete some practical coaching sessions and observe well experienced coaches, not necessarily from a cycling discipline. 

The course run in Palmerston North was at the request of Bike Manawatu and links to the clubs desire to develop an internal coaching capacity for members of the club. 

The club is certainly well on the road now in terms of increasing the numbers of aspiring coaches and it would be the clubs intention to identify those who have recently done the course and those who have attained accreditation.  With the numbers of junior riders coming through, there should be sufficient opportunities to marry riders up with a coach. 

Megan Blatchford-Peck, who recently completed the course is now looking for riders to work with so she can develop her skills and competence.  There will also be other new coaches looking for experience as well.  Some thought is been given to how we link riders to coaches but if you want to make enquiries contact Glenys at Bike Manawatu.