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Bike Manawatu WCNI Carnival

Sunday 18th November 2012 CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER  

1.00pm racing starts Registration from Midday, warm up from 12.30pm

Under15/17 $5 All others $10 Entry

(Programme may be changed or added to at managements discretion)

Riders will ride according to their 2013 licence categories


1. Miss and Out (4 riders left in) (rolling starts)

A&B Grade races. (not for U17 riders)

2. U17 10 lap points races, A and B Grade 10 lap points races (rolling starts)

3. U15 4 Lap Scratch races (2 bunches)

4. Kerins 5 Laps max of 6 riders per event. Motorbike leaves track 1.5 laps to go.

Invited riders. Two open events and two U17 event.

5. Masters 4 Lap Scratch race. Men and women may have separate events.

6. U15 (a) Girls 2 Lap Handicap. (b) Boys 2 Lap Handicap

7. U17 4 Lap Handicaps (2 heats)

8. Masters 2 Lap Handicap. (men and women races may be raced)

9. U15 4Lap Handicap.

10. Feilding Wheel Race 4 Lap Handicap- heats for A and B Grade.

11. U17 12 Lap Handicap

12. Final Wheel Race

13. U15 8 Lap Handicap

14. B Grade 12 Lap Handicap. Masters placings in this race.

15. A Grade Handicap. 8000m (20 Laps)


1)Toilets and changing rooms in Clubrooms above stand, or as well under the stand.

2) No crossing track during racing by Officials, Riders or Handlers.