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Bike Manawatu Track Cycling Results for 29th November 2011

Track Cycling 29 NovEstablishing the direction of the gusty wind was not difficult to assess due to the smell greeting all visitors, as the Easterly wind flows over the Freezing Works oxidation pond on its way to the Feilding velodrome. We had 35 riders on Tuesday night which while affected by school camps and exams is still up on last year.

The programme was set around an Omnium made up of a warm up scratch race followed by 1 lap time trials and ended with a long handicap race. An Omnium is a multi discipline event with points awarded based on where the athlete came in each event with 1 point to the winner and 2 to the second place getter, the winner of the Omnium has the least number of points.

All races were raced in age grades. The audience was treated to the usual tight racing and the handicap races ensured results could not be predicted as limit markers did their best to protect their advantage and refused to be caught by the scratch riders.

Race of the night was awarded to the Under 17 Boys and Masters Men 8 lap handicap race. The key to any good handicap race is for those that are awarded a handicap fight to protect and that is exactly what Gareth Warnock and Garry Buys did as they worked to gather the few in front of them and to maintain the gap back to their pursuers. The scratch bunch were mindful of the race distance and realised to win the race first you must finish the race so they did not go all out at the start and settled into a fair pace and worked together to gather group after group. As the pace was moderate the riders that had been caught had the speed to stay with the scratch riders group. The scratch riders group was growing all the time but they were not closing in on Gareth and Garry as they continued to work well together. Track Cycling 29 Nov
George Roberts leading the charge with Garry Buys and Josh Kendall tucked in behind. Out wide Campbell Stewart readies himself for a return to the line and Brent Zimmerman at the back searching for challengers.

Track Cycling 29 Nov

The bell rang and scratch rider George Roberts realised he had to break free of the bunch that contained all but the two riders out in front. George was able to hit top speed quickly but he was never going to make up the 150 metre lead Gareth and Garry enjoyed in just 1 lap but he certainly was going to reduce it. Meanwhile the bell also provided a signal to Gareth and Garry that the race had come down to a one lap scratch race between themselves. They both hit sprint phase and it was the tattooed man on his street fixi that broke the bond and Garry’s resistance to go on to win the race well with Garry into second. George was clear in third the bunch had a mad dash for the line with riders positioned across the track as they bombed the line.

Track Cycling 29 NovRiders of the night were awarded by Commissaire on the night Tim Whitehouse. Tim awarded the under 17 prize to Chris Denholm on the back of his impressive effort to win his scratch race. The over 17 prize went to Matiu Kaihau due to his domination of the races he entered on the night.

Angus Finlay complete with Round Taupo wounds puts the hurt on with Matiu Kaihau in tow and a grimacing Luuk van Wantendonk tailing off


Please note: Riders will not have there finishing positions recorded if they do not clearly display their numbers. That is how they would be treated at any other event. Also please listen carefully to instructions as the programme is often manipulated to suit the conditions

Results on the night were.

Under 15 Boys 5 Lap Scratch Race

1st Chris Denholm

2nd Cody Simpson

3rd James Cuff

4th Michaela Drummond

Under 15 Girls 5 Lap Scratch Race

1st Emily Shearman

2nd Libby Arbuckle

3rd Brittany Ingram

4th Grace Castle

Under 17 Girls Under 19 Women and Masters Women 6 Lap Scratch race

1st Kate Stewart

2nd Kelsi Eccles

3rd Sharon Hollenstein

4th Renee Wadsworth

Under 17 Boys and Masters Men

1st George Roberts

2nd Campbell Stewart

3rd Marcel Hollenstein

4th Megan Blatchford

Under 19 Men and Men

1st Matiu Kaihau

2nd Josh Chard

3rd Angus Finlay

4th Steve Stannard

1 Lap standing start time trial

Matiu Kaihau 31.86

Angus Finlay 32.49

Josh Chard 33.08

Cameron Gibbons 33.13

Brent Zimmerman 33.18

Campbell Stewart 33.25

Josh Kendall 33.29

George Roberts 33.40

Steve Stannard 33.47

Gareth Warnock 33.77

Megan Blatchford 34.55

Ross Castle 34.81

Marcel Hollenstein 34.84

Kate Stewart 35.09

Garry Buys 36.60

John Clarke 36.74

Kelsi Eccles 37.13

Renee Wadsworth 38.57

Sharon Hollenstein 39.07

Under 15 Girls 6 Lap Handicap Race

1st Grace Castle

2nd Emily Shearman

3rd Libby Arbuckle

4th Brittany Ingram

Under 15 Boys 6 Lap Handicap

1st Cody Simpson

2nd Carne Groube

3rd Jake van Lienen

4th Thomas Stannard

Under 17 Girls, Under 19 Women and Masters Women

1st Kate Stewart

2nd Renee Wadsworth

3rd Sharon Hollenstein

4th Kelsi Eccles

Under 17 Boys and Masters Men

1st Gareth Warnock

2nd Garry Buys

3rd George Roberts

4th Josh Kendall

Under 19 Men and Men

1st Matiu Kaihau

2nd Josh Chard

3rd Steve Stannard

4th Angus Finlay

Final Omnium result for each grade

Under 15 Girls Emily Shearman on 4 points

Under 15 Boys Cody Simpson on 6 points

Women Kate Stewart on 3 points

Under 17 Boys and Masters George Roberts on 8 points

Under 19 Men and Men Matiu Kaihau on 3 points