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Bike Manawatu Track Cycling–Have a go days 2020-2021 Season

Bike Manawatu Track Cycling – Have a go day

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When: Sunday 27th September 2020 & Sunday 4th October 2020
Where: Feilding Velodrome, Johnston Park
Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm
*Free Track Bikes Provided for our Have a Go Days*

Good Morning All,
Due to the weather, we have had to cancel our Have A Go Day today. We apologise for any inconvenience. With all the water around, this will make the track unsafe to ride on. Sincerest apologies


Track Cycling is

  • Fun
  • Competitive
  • Safe
  • Social
  • For all ages
  • & we have Bikes available to hire

We provide for novices to world champions!

Come along and find out more about Track Cycling.
Track Is a good mix of competitive and fun racing in a very social, off road environment. We encourage any new riders to come along to our ‘have a go day’

If you really want to improve your cycling fitness and skills why not give track cycling a go at the Feilding Velodrome.
We run a great variety of races for all ages and abilities and fun events in a very supportive environment.

Please bring your helmet, pedals and cycling shoes. If you don’t have cycling shoes and pedals just bring your helmet and sports shoes, as we will also have bikes with pedals on them for you to ride.

Track is raced on the following years licence E.g. 2021
Juniors Grade is based on your age as at the 31st December 2021
Under 13 = 12 or younger at 31 December 2021
Under 15 = 14 or younger at 31 December 2021
Under 17 = 16 or younger at 31 December 2021
Under 19 = 18 or younger at 31 December 2021

Would You like to win more road races?
The track is one of the best places to develop that power sprint by riding a fixed gear track bike!

We especially encourage new riders by taking part in a development program, as you ride in grades of your ability and many races are handicapped

  • We have Track bikes for hire at an affordable cost
  • Qualified coaches will set your position up correctly
  • Orientation days for new riders

Stay out of the traffic and ride on the safety of a track

Equipment Required: Track bike is necessary
Entry Fees: $30 for the whole season – October 2020 – April 2021
Membership & Licensing: Riders planning to race on the track require at least a BikeManawatu Membership (additional to fees)
Adults $45
Juniors (U19) $25
Family of 3 of more living at the same address $80
*If you wish to be able to formally race at any level (not including “fun” rides) then you should register as a Bike Manawatu member through the Cycling NZ Membership portal
This does incur an additional West Coast North Island Centre fee plus CNZ fee – please see more here however this also comes with the added bonus of Personal Liability insurance cover via Cycling New Zealand. 

New riders who are racing with us for their first season must attend one of the three orientation days
Sunday 11th October 2020 – 2:00pm -4:00pm
Saturday 17th October 2020 – 2:00pm -4:00pm
Sunday 18th October 2020 – 2:00pm -4:00pm

Bike Manawatu has Track Bikes available for hire:

Bike Hire = $80.00
Bike Bond = $60.00  (refundable at the end of season T’s & C’s apply)
If you are interested in hiring a Track Bike this season we have set days available where we will size / fit you to an appropriate bike
Tuesday 29th September 2020 Track – Bike Hire & Fit Day 2-4pm Feilding Velodrome
Thursday 1st October 2020 Track – Bike Hire & Fit Day 2-4pm Feilding Velodrome
Saturday 3rd October 2020 Track – Bike Hire & Fit Day 2-4pm Feilding Velodrome
Thursday 8th October 2020 Track – Bike Hire & Fit Day   2-4pm Feilding Velodrome
Please book a time and day with Ian Gray and his helpful team
Ring or Text Ian Gray 021 120 5751 for a booking.
Each Bike Hire & Fit takes approx. 45 Minutes

Track racing on a “fixy” is exciting cycling in its own right, and is also a great spectator sport.

What are the real benefits of riding track?
How does track racing benefit road cycling?
We can guarantee that track racing greatly improves a riders’ confidence, their ability to make rapid decisions, improve bike handling skills, and pedalling technique. It also dramatically improves a riders sprinting ability.
All these skills learnt on the track produce huge improvements in road cycling, especially criteriums raced on short road circuits.

A special tip on the benefits of riding a “fixy”:
If you set up a track bike or an old road frame with a single gear (on a low gear – 70” to 72”) for training on the road, this is excellent training. (Remember to put single brake on the bike) It is a far better investment than spending mega dollars on light weight road accessories / special light weight wheels to improve your road cycling.

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Did you know that Bike Manawatu riders have won Olympic Track Medals?

· Jesse Sergent Beijing 2012,
· Simon van Velthooven London 2016
· Campbell Stewart World Champion Track, Omnium 2019

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