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Bike Manawatu Track Cycling, 4th December 2012, Johnston Park Feilding


A mild calm evening with a heavy sky threatening rain. It did rain just before the scheduled start time but the warm track allowed the track to dry sufficiently to allow the meeting proceed if half an hour late. It did mean the meeting had to be condensed a little but the programme was completed with no further rain falls. The programme was made up of mid sized points races followed by 3 up 500 metre scratch races and finished off with the longer handicap races.


The under 15’s 8 lap handicap race provided the most interesting race with the field of six split with two on scratch two on the 300 metre limit mark and the remaining two in between. At the gun the limit riders made a strong start the only margin being stretched was between the scratch riders and the middle group. With two laps to go the limit and middle groups had joined and Libby Arbuckle had cleared away from her fellow scratch rider in Fergus Bryan. At the bell Gorgi van Leinen made a bid for the race and was able to clear away from the pack, the other three riders dug deeper but could not easily bridge the 15 metre gap Gorgi had made. Into the finish straight and Gorgi still had the lead but Flyn Yates had built upto top speed and the margin was evaporating. With swinging elbows and a grimacing face Flyn was laying it all on the line but Gorgi may have reached the end of her run but was not going to wave any white flags, Georgi’s heavy pedal stokes may have caused the bike to sway and her sprinting position may have caused her to peer from under the brim of her bike helmet but she was still travelling at speed. The line arrived ten metres too late for Gorgi as her bold plan fell short as Flyn rolled past to take the victory.

The rider of the night was awarded to Flyn Yates on the back of the work within and the finish of the handicap race.

Results for Tuesday 4th December:

Under 15 4 laps Scratch race Heat 1: 1 Libby Arbuckle, 2 Flyn Yates, 3 Dylan Simpson, 4 Adam Martin

A grade 7 lap points race: 1 Matiu Kaihau (10 points) 2= Jaycob Humphreys, Luke Mudgway, Jordan Castle (4 points)

Under 17 7 lap points race: 1 Campbell Stewart (10 points) 2 Chris Denholm (5 points) 3 Josh Kendall (3 points) 4= Michaela Drummond, Jake van Leinen (2 points) 

B grade 6 lap points race: 1 William Green (10 points) 2 James Denholm (6 points) 3 Ruby Perry (3 points) 4 Kelsi Eccles (2 points)

500 Metre Scratch Races:

Race 1: 1 Dylan Simpson 2 Daniel Kendall 3 Flyn Yates 

Race 2: 1 Libby Arbuckle 2 Fergus Bryan 3 Gorgi van Leinen 4 Adam Martin 

Race 3: 1 Fergus Allan 2 Jake van Leinen 3 Cody Simpson

Race 4: 1 Campbell Stewart 2 Josh Kendall 3 Chris Denholm

Race 5: 1 Chris Symon 2 Duncan Muller 3 Sean Whitehouse

Race 6: 1 Matiu Kaihau 2 Luke Mudgway 3 Jaycob Humphreys 4 Jordan Castle

Race 7: 1 William Green 2 James Denholm 3 Ruby Perry 4 Kelsi Eccles

Race 8: 1 Greg Bryan 2 Tamara Ross 3 Teagan Roffe

Under 15 8 lap Handicap: 1 Flyn Yates 2 Gorgi van Leinen 3 Dylan Simpson 4 Adam Martin

Under 17 10 lap Handicap: 1 Campbell Stewart 2 Fergus Allan 3Cody Simpson 4 Jake van Leinen

A and B 12 lap Handicap: 1 Matiu Kaihau 2 Jordan Castle 3 Luke Mudgway 4 Jaycob Humphreys