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Morgans Property Advisors Track Cycling – 3rd November 2013 Johnston Park Feilding

It was Tour de Manawatu day and most cyclists in the region belted out 116km, 80km or 45km in the morning with mixed success. A number of regular competitors stayed home to recover but a hardy bunch made the trip to Johnston Park to compete in perfect conditions. A hot dry track, light to no wind and a warm day made up the conditions that saw an unprecedented 6 track records broken over the flying quarter mile distance.

The programme began with the Flying Quarter mile time trials followed by 3 lap handicap graded races then 4 lap scratch races and the programme wound up with graded long handicap races. The fastest Flying Quarter mile of the day went to the winner of the 80km event at the Tour de Manawatu Jordan Castle in a time of 25.84 seconds beating the previous mens under 19 record by 0.36 seconds. This made it a special day for Jordan as he also won each of the other 3 races he contested to make it a 5 out of 5 day. The Senior Mens records was broken by Jaycob Humphreys by 0.68 seconds. The Womens under 19 record was broken by Kate Stewart by 0.64 seconds as she prepares to represent New Zealand at the upcoming Oceania Track cycling Championships in Invercargill.

The under 15 Boys record was smashed by Thomas Garbett by 1.49 seconds, Thomas was a visitor from Levin. Libby Arbuckle cut off 1.15 seconds from the under 17 Girls record. The sixth broken record went to Brent Zimmerman as he ripped a staggering 2.18 seconds from the Masters 4 record.

While the 17 riders present was well down on the 38 from last week due to the Tour, the trade off has been the ability to complete the Flying Quarter Mile time trials. As only one rider can be on the track at a time and the event includes two warm up laps plus a warm down lap each competitor uses a big chunk of clock. The next track cycling meeting is 2.30pm Sunday 10th of November.

Results for Sunday 3rd November:

Flying Quarter Mile Time Trial:

Jaycob Humphreys 27.03 (broke Senior Mens record of 27.75), Jordan Castle 25.84 (broke the Under 19 Mens record of 26.20), Kate Stewart 31.08 (broke the Under 19 Womens record of 31.72), Jake van Lienen 28.43, Cody Simpson 29.93, Fergus Allen 27.42, Steve Perry 31.45, Liam Brown 30.04, Toshi Yamauchi 31.64, Mike Simpson 31.22, Dylan Simpson 34.61, Thomas Garbett 30.57 (broke under 15 Boys record of 32.06), Samara Fenn 35.51, Pieta Ransom 36.90, Libby Arbuckle 30.19 (broke the Under 17 Girls record of 31.34) Brent Zimmerman 27.56 (broke the Masters 4 record of 27.74), Wayne Scott 35.75.

Under 15 3 Lap Handicap race:1 Dylan Simpson, 2 Pieta Ransom, 3 Samara Fenn

A Grade 3 Lap Handicap race: 1 Jordan Castle, 2 Jaycob Humphreys , 3 Liam Brown, 4 Fergus Allen

B&C Grade 3 Lap Handicap race: 1 Mike Simpson, 2 Thomas Garbett, 3 Libby Arbuckle, 4 Toshi Yamauchi

Under 15 4 lap scratch race Heat 1: 1 Dylan Simpson, 2 Pieta Ransom, 3 Samara Fenn


B&C Grade 4 lap scratch race: 1 Toshi Yamauchi, 2 Mike Simpson, 3 Steve Perry, 4 Wayne Scott

A Grade 4 lap scratch race: 1 Jordan Castle, 2 Jaycob Humphreys , 3 Fergus Allen, 4 Thomas Garbett

Under 15 6 Lap Handicap race: 1 Dylan Simpson, 2 Pieta Ransom, 3 Samara Fenn

B&C Grade 3 Lap Handicap race: 1 Brent Zimmerman, 2 Libby Arbuckle, 3 Toshi Yaumachi, 4 Mike Simpson

A Grade 3 Lap Handicap race: 1 Jordan Castle, 2 Jaycob Humphreys , 3 Fergus Allen, 4 Jake van Lienen