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Bike Manawatu Track Cycling 29th January 2013 Johnston Park Feilding


The riders were presented with a clear sky and a moderate breeze, we all continue to be spoilt with a fantastic summer. Selections have been completed for those that will represent the West Coast North Island centre at Track Nationals in Invercargill. The seniors and Under 19’s were in transit to Invercargill and so unavailable for the evenings racing.


The racing tonight began with 5 lap handicap races to warm up followed by team sprints to teach those going to Invercargill the rules of the team sprint then short tight 1 lap races then finished off with long handicap races to help expand lung capacity and build fitness. An observation of the evenings racing was the repeating story of old bull and the young bull, but with a twist. The A & B 5 lap handicap race saw old bull Jaycob Humphreys lead the scratch riders to the front of the race only to be rolled in the home straight by the young bull James Denholm. The twist came in the long handicap race at the end of the evening when old bull Brent Zimmerman was caught by young bull James on lap 5 of the 15 lap race. Brent slotted in behind James and drafted behind him for a lap or two but would not pass James, so leaving James with no protection from the wind. Despite this plan working to the young bulls advantage in the earlier race he was not happy about the role reversal and made his displeasure clear to all. The situation was such a distraction that James refused to race and eventually pulled out of the race.

In the same race another young bull old bull story was developing. The young bull was fire brand Campbell Stewart and the old bull Aaron Kibblewhite had the dimensions and muscle mass of a show bull. Aaron is built like a sprinter and would have difficulty being competitive over the distance event and so by drafting behind Campbell he was able to preserve energy while watching Campbell erode his. As the laps ticked by Campbell stayed focused on his race rather than being distracted by Aaron. Into the last corner and Campbell still held the lead but Aaron was making a move and came up along side Campbell but Campbell was able to hold him off to the line.

Results for Tuesday 29th of January 2013

Under 15 4 lap Handicap: 1 Daniel Kendall, 2 Fergus Bryan, 3 Flyn Yates, 4 Megan Gardner

Under 17 5 lap handicap: 1 Cody Simpson, 2 Chris Denholm, 3 Joel Yates, 4 Carne Groube

A & B 5 lap Handicap: 1 James Denholm, 2 Jaycob Humphreys, 3 Brent Zimmerman, 4 Aaron Kibblewhite

Team Sprints

Flyn Yates, Jake van Lienen and James Denholm 1.05.12

Jaycob Humphreys, James Cuff and Megan Gardner 1.02.40

Fergus Bryan, Aaron Kibblewhite and Cody Simpson 1.04.53

Brent Zimmerman, Andrew McKenzie and Daniel Kendall 1.05.78

Toshi Yamauchi,Carne Groube and Campbell Stewart 1.02.35

Emily Shearman, Joel Yates and Chris Denholm 1.03.16

Pania Hudson, Tamara Ross and Alistair Ross 1.13.16

Libby Arbuckle, Michaela Drummond and Fergus Allan 1.05.85

1 lap Scratch race

Heat 1: 1 Daniel Kendall, 2 Flyn Yates, 3 Megan Gardner

Heat 2: 1 Fergus Bryan, 2 Libby Arbuckle, 3 Emily Shearman

Heat 3: 1 Jake van Lienen, 2 James Cuff, 3 Andrew McKenzie

Heat 4: 1 Cody Simpson, 2 Fergus Allen, 3 Joel Yates

Heat 5: 1 Campbell Stewart, 2 Chris Denholm, 3 Carne Groube

Heat 6: 1 Tamara Ross, 2 Toshi Yamauchi, 3 Alistair Ross, 4 Pania Hudson

Heat 7: 1= Brent Zimmerman and Aaron Kibblewhite, 3 James Denholm

Under 17 12 lap Handicap race: 1 Campbell Stewart, 2 Carne Groube, 3 Chris Denholm, 4 Jake vanLienen

Under 15 8 lap Handicap race: 1 Daniel Kendall, 2 Flyn Yates, 3 Megan Gardner, 4 Emily Shearman

A & B 15lap Handicap race: 1 Campbell Stewart, 2 Aaron Kibblewhite, 3 Carne Groube, 4 Toshi Yamauchi

Results from Carnival Sunday 3rd of February 2013

All in points race: 1 Jaycob Humphreys, 2 Campbell Stewart, 3 Carne Groube, 4 Fergus Allan

Miss and Out: 1 Campbell Stewart, 2 Jaycob Humphreys, 3 James Denholm, 4 Chris Denholm

Under 15 2 Lap Handicap race: 1 Dylan Simpson, 2 Megan Gardner, 3 Libby Arbuckle

Keirin Heat 1: 1 Campbell Stewart, 2 Jaycob Humphreys, 3 James Denholm, 4 Luuk van Wagtendonk

Keirin Heat 2: 1 Chris Denholm, 2 Fergus Allan, 3 Carne Groube, 4 Cody Simpson

Keirin Heat 3: 1 John Stewart, 2 James Cuff, 3 Andrew McKenzie, 4 Michaela Drummond

Keirin Under 15: 1 Libby Arbuckle, 2 Dylan Simpson, 3 Megan Gardner

A Grade 200 metre sprint: 1 Fergus Allan, 2 Campbell Stewart, 3 Jaycob Humphreys

B Grade 200 metre sprint: 1 Michaela Drummond, 2 James Cuff, 3 Andrew McKenzie

Under 15 200 metre sprint: 1 Libby Arbuckle, 2 Megan Gardner, 3 Dylan Simpson

Under 15 6 Lap Scratch race: 1 Dylan Simpson, 2 Libby Arbuckle, 3 Megan Gardner

15 Lap Open Handicap: 1 Chris Denholm, 2 Campbell Stewart, 3 Luuk van Wagtendonk, 4 John Stewart