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Bike Manawatu Track Cycling, 27th November 2012, Johnston Park Feilding


27th November 2012A warm evening with a clear sky and a light Westerly zephyr welcomed the 36 riders to Johnston Park on Tuesday night. The programme was to be short scratch races followed by one lap individual time trials then on to team sprints and was to finish off with long handicap races. The second last race of the evening was halted when Marcel Hollenstein came down at speed, Marcel was in the middle of a line of 8 riders when he fell. Thankfully the following riders passed without incident because track bikes do not have brakes. If the bikes had brakes the human instinct is to brake and by doing so catching the following riders off guard and they would most likely hit the rear of the rider in front and crash. As the bikes had been travelling at the same speed and the riders did not have the ability to slow significantly the riders continued at the same pace and with the same distances between them. The modest bike helmet provided outstanding protection to Marcel by absorbing significant impact with, and friction across the track.


The accident has all but ended Marcel’s attendance at the Masters Games early next year. Marcel is well performed at this level and has a numbers of winners medals. Marcel was well on track for further success as he was training hard and he was performing well so early in the season.

The Feilding Volunteer Fire Brigade was carrying out training on a neighboring property at the time of the accident and when summonsed provided first class assistance to Marcel and to Debbie Perry and Rebeccal Denholm who were first on the scene. Reports are that Marcell was allowed home after being treated at Accident and Emergency for a broken collar bone and cracked ribs. The performance of the night was awarded to the emergency services for their prompt and professional handling of the situation.

Next meeting 6pm Tuesday 4th of December 2012.

Results for Tuesday 27th November:

Under 15 4 laps Scratch race Heat 1: 1 Flyn Yates, 2Harrison Kinghorn , 3 Daniel Kendall, 4 Dylan Simpson

Under 15 4 laps Scratch race Heat 1: 1 Fergus Bryan, 2 Libby Arbuckle, 3 Adam Martin, 4 Megan Gardner

Under 17 4 Lap Scratch race:1 Campbell Stewart 2 Robert Stannard 3 Cody Simpson, 4 James Cuff

A grade 4 Lap Scratch race: 1 Matiu Kaihau 2 Jaycob Humphreys 3 Mark Finlay 4 James Denholm

B Grade 4 Lap Scratch race: 1 Megan Blatchford 2 Brent Zimmerman 3 Ruby Perry 4 Barry Gilliland

1 Lap Time Trial

Campbell Stewart 30.93, Chris Symon 31.08, Duncan Muller31.22, Matiu Kaihau 31.65, Jaycob Humphreys 31.80, Cody Simpson 32.30, Brent Zimmerman 32.68, James Cuff 33.02, Cameron Gibbons 33.28, Robert Stannard 33.81, Flyn Yates 39.40, Dylan Simpson 38.39, Adam Martin 39.05, Mitchell Kinghorn 35.09, Fergus Washington-Smith 42.30, James Denholm 35.74, Andrew McKenzie 34.16, Ruby Perry 35.92, Georgi van Lienen 39.31, Daniel Kendall 38.39, Barry Gilliland 37.48, Megan Gardner 38.32, Sheralee Cleland 37.29, Fergus Bryan 35.96, Harrison Kinghorn 38.74, Kelsi Eccles 35.18, Teagan Roffe 36.99, Libby Arbuckle 35.29, Toshi Yamauchi 36.73, Megan Blatchford 34.73, Luuk van Wagtendonk 36.28, Anna Robson 41.71, Marcel Hollenstein 35.18, Pania Hudson 38.98.

Under 15 and Under 17 Team sprints (2 laps)

Adam Martin, Anne Roson, Andrew McKenzie 1.17.62

Dylan Simpson, Robert Stannard, Cody Simpson 1.07.59

Flyn Yates, Megan Gardner, Mitchell Kinghorn 1.08.94

Harrison Kinghorn, Fergus Bryan, Libby Arbuckle 1.12.85

Fergus Washington-Smith, Daniel Kendall, Geogi van Lienen 1.20.26

Open Tean Sprints (3 laps)

Luuk van Wagtendonk, James Denholm, Barry Gilliland 1.38.78

Duncan Muller, Cameron Gibbons, Matiu Kaihau 1.31.39

Chris Symon, Mark Finlay, Campbell Stewart 1.33.21

Brent Zimmerman, James Cuff, Jaycob Humphreys 1.34.20

Sheralee Cleland, Toshi Yamauchi, Ruby Perry 1.43.29

Kelsi Eccles, Teagan Roffe, Marcel Hollenstien 1.45.89

Under 15 8 Lap Handicap: 1 Dylan Simpson, 2 Flyn Yates, 3 Daniel Kendall, 4 Megan Gardner