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Bike Manawatu Track Cycling, 22nd January 2013, Johnston Park Feilding


A perfect mild evening with a slight breeze greeted the 36 riders and their supporters, and insured that an extended uninterrupted programme will be raced with all results in the hands of the riders and not the weather. Riders from Wanganui and Waipukurau joined the Bike Manawatu riders, and added to the quality of the racing. The meeting was the last opportunity for riders to push their claims to a spot in the West Coast North Island team to compete at Invercargill in the New Zealand age group championships late February.


The programme was made up of a short handicap or miss and out race followed by 250 metre standing start time trial followed by a longer handicap race, all raced in aged and graded races. These three events had thier points tallied into a mini Omnium with he winners of the respective grades being awarded a prize by Track coordinator Ian Gray. Thankfully the conditions allowed for the programme to be extended to accommodate an extra race for each rider.

The race of the night was the A Grade 14 lap handicap race. The race was a turned into a demonstration of speed and endurance by ‘The Hub” riders Regan Gough and Luke Mudgeway. Both riders began in the scratch bunch and worked within it to catch the limit markers after 5 laps. They then began toying with the bunch like a cat with a mouse. They would accerate and put a break on the field to sap the legs of the bunch as they had to fight to catch them, once they were caught they would slow to recover and plot the next split which would be a repeat of the previous one, after each one the chasing group would lose another rider. With a lap the go they both raced for the line and Regan was able to show his clear dominance to be able to sit up for the last 100 metres, Luke cruised in for second and the remainder of the bunch fought out the minor placings.

The next club night is 5.45pm 29th January 2013 at Johnston Park Feilding.

Results for Tuesday 22nd of January 2013

Under 15 4 lap Handicap: 1 Daniel Kendall, 2 Dylan Simpson, 3 Fergus Bryan, 4 Emily Shearman

Under 17 Miss & Out: 1 Chris Denholm, 2 Campbell Stewart, 3 Josh Kendall, 4 Cody Simpson

A Grade Miss & Out: 1 Simon van Velthooven, 2 Regan Gough, 3 Mark Finlay, 4 Aaron Kibblewhite

B Grade Miss & Out: 1 Brent Zimmerman, 2 Kelsi Eccles, 3 Dean Gough , 4 Greg Bryan

250 metre standing time trial

Fergus Bryan 24.34, Libby Arbuckle 23.40, Jake van Leinen 22.42, Toshi Yamauchi 24.59, Fergus Allan 21.66, Jaycob Humphreys 21.64, Cody Simpson 21.27, Greg Bryan 23.85, Chris Denholm 21.98, Mark Finlay 21.89, Emily Shearman 23.65, Campbell Stewart 20.60, Kelsi Eccles 23.98, James Denholm 23.10, Megan Gardner 26.89, Brent Zimmerman 21.88, James Cuff 21.38, Dylan Simpson 23.84, Daniel Kendall 24.92, Flyn Yates 25.46, Andrew McKenzie 22.51, Josh Kendall 20.92, Joel Yates 22.48, Michaela Drummond 22.38, Aaron Kibblewhite 22.59, Tamara Ross 24.30, Dean Gough 24.31, Sheralee Cleland 24.39, Pania Hudson 27.48, Greg Bryan 23.85, Ruby Perry 23.54, Grant Hagget 23.42, Sean Whitehouse 21.39, Cameron Gibbons 22.61, Luke Mudgeway 21.50, Regan Gough 21.57.

Under 15 8 lap Handicap race: 1 Emily Shearman, 2 Libby Arbuckle, 3 Fergus Bryan, 4 Dylan Simpson

Under 17 12 lap Handicap race: 1 Josh Kendall, 2 Cody Simpson, 3 Chris Denholm, 4 Jake van Leinen

B Grade 10 lap Handicap race: 1 Grant Hagget, 2 Toshi Yamauchi, 3 Sheralee Cleland, 4 Kelsi Eccles

A Grade 14 lap Handicap race: 1 Regan Gough, 2 Luke Mudgeway, 3 Jaycob Humphreys, 4 Mark Finlay

Omnium Results

Under 15: 1 Emily Shearman (7 points), 2 Libby Arbuckle (8 points), 3 Dylan Simpson (9 points), 4 Fergus Bryan (10 points)

Under 17: 1 Josh Kendall (6 points), 2 Campbell Stewart (8 points), 3 Cody Simpson (9 points), 4 Chris Denholm (10 points)

B grade: 1 Brent Zimmerman (12 points), 2 Kelsi Eccles (12 points), 3 Grant Hagget(13 points), 4 Ruby Perry (14 points)

A Grade: 1 Regan Gough (6 points), 2 Sean Whitehouse (12 points), 3 Luke Mudgeway (12 points), 4 Mark Finlay (12 points)

Under 15 1 lap Scratch heat 1: 1 Danial Kendall, 2 Dylan Simpson, 3 Flyn Yates

Under 15 1 lap Scratch heat 2: 1 Emily Shearman, 2 Libby Arbuckle, 3 Fergus Bryan

Under 17 1 lap Scratch Heat 1: 1 Campbell stewart, 2 Cody Simpson, 3 Jake van Leinen, 4 Chris Denholm

Under 17 1 lap Scratch Heat 2: 1 Josh Kendall, 2 Fergus Allen, 3 Andrew McKenzie, 4 James Cuff

B Grade 1 lap Scratch Heat 1: 1 Ruby Perry, 2 Kelsi Eccles, 3 Dean Gough, 4 Greg Bryan

B Grade 1 lap Scratch Heat 1: 1 Brent Zimmerman, 2 Grant Hagget, 3 Tamara Ross, 4 Pania Hudson

A Grade 6 lap Scratch race: 1 Regan Gough, 2 Luke Mudgeway, 3 Jaycob Humphreys, 4 Mark Finlay