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Bike Manawatu Track Cycling 2022

When: Saturday 8th October & Sunday 9th October 2022
Time: 1:00pm – 3.30pm
Where: Johnston Park, Velodrome – Drake Street, Feilding
What to bring: Helmet, Gloves, Water Bottle, Warm Jacket, Cycle Shoes & Pedals (if you have them)
*Free Track Bikes Provided for our Have a Go Days*
Have a go days are FREE

Track Cycling is

  • Fun
  • Competitive
  • Safe
  • Social
  • For all ages
  • & we have Bikes available to hire

Come along and find out more about Track Cycling.
Track Is a good mix of competitive and fun racing in a very social, off road environment. We encourage any new riders to come along to our ‘have a go day’

Track is raced on the following years licence E.g. 2023
Juniors Grade is based on your age as at the 31st December 2023
Under 13 = 12 or younger at 31 December 2023
Under 15 = 14 or younger at 31 December 2023
Under 17 = 16 or younger at 31 December 2023
Under 19 = 18 or younger at 31 December 2023

New riders who are racing with us for their first season must attend one of the two orientation days
Sunday 16th October 2022 – 2:00pm – 4:00pm (
Saturday 22nd October 2022– 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Bike Manawatu has Track Bikes available for hire:

Bike Hire = $80.00
Bike Bond = $60.00  (refundable at the end of season T’s & C’s apply)
If you are interested in hiring a Track Bike this season we have set days available where we will size / fit you to an appropriate bike
Track Season Fee = $30.00

Saturday 15th October 2022 –1:00pm – 3.30pm
– Bike Hire & Fit Day – Feilding Velodrome
Sunday 16th October 2022 – 1:00pm – 2:00pm Bike Hire & Fit Day & 2:00 – 4:00pm Orientation Day – Feilding Velodrome
Saturday 22nd October 2022–– 1:00pm – 2:00pm
Bike Hire & Fit Day &2:00 – 4:00pm Orientation Day – Feilding Velodrome
Please book a time and day with Ian Gray and his helpful team
Ring or Text Ian Gray 021 120 5751 for a booking.
Each Bike Hire & Fit takes approx. 45 Minutes

Track racing on a “fixy” is exciting cycling in its own right, and is also a great spectator sport.

What are the real benefits of riding track?
How does track racing benefit road cycling?
We can guarantee that track racing greatly improves a riders’ confidence, their ability to make rapid decisions, improve bike handling skills, and pedalling technique. It also dramatically improves a riders sprinting ability.
All these skills learnt on the track produce huge improvements in road cycling, especially criteriums raced on short road circuits.

A special tip on the benefits of riding a “fixy”:
If you set up a track bike or an old road frame with a single gear (on a low gear – 70” to 72”) for training on the road, this is excellent training. (Remember to put single brake on the bike) It is a far better investment than spending mega dollars on light weight road accessories / special light weight wheels to improve your road cycling.

Experienced coaches will be available to assist you in getting started and help you enjoy your experienced

Have a go days


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