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Bike Manawatu Track Club Champs 500m TT–Results 05.02.2020

Bike Manawatu Track Club Champs 500m TT–Results 05.02.2020

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Please find attached the results for the recently held 500m TT Club Champs. Great turnout with some quick times.
We are all appreciative of the efforts & contributions which you all give, thank you all so very much

Bike Manawatu Club Champs – 500m TT 05.02.2020

Johnston Park Feilding

Age Group Rider Number Category Times Placing
U13 Ben Murphy 19 U13B 46.15 1st
  Josh Hannon 17 U13B 47.78 2nd
  Austin Tunnicliffe 20 U13B 47.98 3rd
U15B Harrison Craw 99 U15B 38.48 1st
  Tutarangi Craw 98 U15B 41.44 2nd
  Andy Richardson 15 U15B 42.17 3rd
  Nathan Drury 16 U15B 47.69 4th
  Caleb Hamblyn 5 U15B 48.00 5th
  Logan Mulcahy 6 U15B 50.34 6th
U15G Kylah Gunn 95 U15G 43.90 1st
  Jesse Coxon 1 U15G 44.21 2nd
  Sophie Peters 11 U15G 45.09 3rd
U17B Riley Tunnicliffe 91 U17B 37.86 1st
  Wilson Hannon 62 U17B 39.23 2nd
  Lochie Foote 13 U17B 40.47 3rd
  Josh Mulcahy 8 U17B 43.05 4th
U17G Georgia Simpson 90 U17G 41.63 1st
  Neriah Kaihe-Woolston 68 U17G 45.57 2nd
U19G Ashleigh Gunn 59 U19G 41.81 1st
  Sophie Ellis 58 U19G 49.05 2nd
MW & SW Jo Coxon 26 WM2 49.70 1st
  Laura Richardson 85 WM1 51.83 2nd
MM Andrew Miller 73 MM1 41.03 1st
  Ed Craw 33 MM1 41.64 2nd
  Paul Peters 81 MM2 43.16 3rd
  Torban Foote 56 MM1 43.40 4th
  Carl Dickason 57 MM1 44.42 5th
U13 & U15 3 Lap H/Cap Jesse Coxon 1 U15G   1st
  Austin Tunnicliffe 20 U13B   2nd
  Josh Hannon 17 U13B   3rd
  Andy Richardson 15 U15B   4th
  Caleb Hamblyn 5 U15B   5th
  Sophie Peters 11 U15G   6th
  Nathan Drury 16 U15B   7th
  Logan Mulcahy 6 U15B   8th
U17 & U19 5 Lap H/Cap Harrison Craw 99 U15B   1st
  Tutarangi Craw 98 U15B   2nd
  Lochie Foote 13 U17B   3rd
  Ashleigh Gunn 59 U19G   4th
  Wilson Hannon 62 U17B   5th
  Riley Tunnicliffe 91 U17B   6th
  Georgia Simpson 90 U17G   7th
  Josh Mulcahy 8 U17B   8th
  Kylah Gunn 95 U15G   9th
  Neriah Kaihe-Woolston 68 U17G   10th
  Sophie Ellis 58 U19G   11th
Masters 4 Lap H/Cap Carl Dickason 57 MM1   1st
  Paul Peters 81 MM2   2nd
  Ed Craw 33 MM1   3rd
  Torban Foote 56 MM1   4th
  Jo Coxon 26 WM2   5th
  Laura Richardson 85 WM1   6th
  Andrew Miller 73 MM1   7th
U13 & U15 9 Lap H/Cap Andy Richardson 15 U15B   1st
  Jesse Coxon 1 U15G   2nd
  Sophie Peters 11 U15G   3rd
  Caleb Hamblyn 5 U15B   4th
  Austin Tunnicliffe 20 U13B   5th
  Nathan Drury 16 U15B   6th
  Logan Mulcahy 6 U15B   7th
  Josh Hannon 17 U13B   8th
U17 & U19 12 Lap H/Cap Wilson Hannon 62 U17B   1st
  Riley Tunnicliffe 91 U17B   2nd
  Harrison Craw 99 U15B   3rd
  Lochie Foote 13 U17B   4th
  Ashleigh Gunn 59 U19G   5th
  Georgia Simpson 90 U17G   6th
  Tutarangi Craw 98 U15B   7th
  Kylah Gunn 95 U15G   8th
  Sophie Ellis 58 U19G   9th
  Neriah Kaihe-Woolston 68 U17G   10th
  Josh Mulcahy 8 U17B   11th
Masters 8 Lap H/Cap Laura Richardson 85 WM1   1st
  Paul Peters 81 MM2   2nd
  Andrew Miller 73 MM1   3rd
  Torban Foote 56 MM1   4th
  Ed Craw 33 MM1   5th
  Carl Dickason 57 MM1   6th
  Jo Coxon 26 WM2   7th

500m TT Club Championships last Wednesday at Feilding.,saw reasonable Wind conditions at last were reasonable and some very good times were recorded. However, no records we’re broken. ,but Harrison Craw continued his excellent form ,and in recording 38.49s rode the 4th fastest time in the U15 boys in the history of WCNI riders on outdoor tracks. Only Thomas Garnett.and Jack Overweel (twice) have ridden faster. We had some eventful racing for the rest of the evening that created some real excitement. In the U15s 8 lap handicap Jesse Coxen, gave her best performance of the season ,almost causing a major upset in beating Andy Richardson onfhe line . Andy had rid ,den strongly through the field to hit the front with half a lap to go,, but Jesse fought her way back up to Andy , and went past him with 20 the finish line ,but only a desperate lunge gave Andy a half wheel victory ! Two riders in the U15 grade who showed god Improvement at the meeting were Caleb Hamblyn and Nathan Drury ,keep up the good work.!
In the premier 12 lap handicap we witnessed the fasted finish of the season . Riley Tunnicliffe started a very strong sprint 30 m before the 200 m line, and the only rider that was able to react was Wilson Hannon who managed to catch Riley on the bend , and with a magnificent turn of speed in the finishing straight went past Riley for a most deserved victory . Both these U17 riders are showing very good form ,a month before the Invercargill Nationals. Ian