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Bike Manawatu Racing Calendar 2018

Bike Manawatu is excited to announce the racing calendar for the rest of 2018 and beyond.

All the dates are on the website and the Road course maps will come up as they are passed through our Traffic Management process. All information will be updated as we get closer

The overall view is, with the exception of the first race at Akers road, that we will have the events Saturday Afternoon starting at 3.00 or even later.

This allows everyone to get there weekend activities done, household chores etc, come and race and finish in time to have the evening free. It also allows Sunday Morning rides not to be compromised.

We are trying to encourage the social element after the races, so let’s head to an establishment for a debrief…

There will be overall points with prizes at the end of the series, not necessarily for the fastest rider, but everyone will be in the running

Our courses start of Flat…the first 3 are….dead flat. We will cater for all grades, ages and genders.

As we go on through the calendar they will become more challenging for those building up to Taupo and other iconic events.

The ITT series this year is in October with a rain date first week December.

The Manfeild Criterium Series is again every Tuesday in November with the third Crit having a Fixie/track bike race..

Ian Gray and his Committee start the track season with have a go days, bike fits and orientation…

There will be events held for Road bikes…no gear changing the start of the season, once again details will be updated on the website.

So there’s plenty for everyone coming up.

If you want to have a go, you’ll feel welcome.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard

Bike Manawatu Track Dates for the 2018-19 Season

Bike Manawatu 2018 Road Racing Dates