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Become a BikeNZ qualified coach

BikeNZ is taking initiatives to ensure that all cyclists have accessibility to trained and comptent coaches. Following a successful level one BMX coaching course run late last year, BikeNZ, under the direction of development manger Amy Taylor, will extend these coaching resources to both the road and track disciplines.
“I’m really excited to be launching BikeNZ’s coach education framework. Having been through the previous BikeNZ, and Australian systems, and recently working in British Cycling’s coach education team, I believe we are in the process of designing the best cycling coach education framework in the world. The success of our high performance team doesn’t happen without good coaching, and this is why we are focused on creating a framework to train coaches to be the best they can be, whether they want to coach their local school team, or an elite athlete,” said Taylor.

A Level 1 Road coaching course will be run in Hamilton over the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd October, with a Level One Track coaching course scheduled for the 5th and 6th of November in Auckland.
Both  Level  1 courses are appropriate for anyone new to coaching, including parents, club members or interested cyclists. You do need to be 17 years of age or over to participate.  If you are experienced in coaching and want to ensure you are on the right track, or want to progress to Level 2 then this course is also appropriate for you.   Each course will cover the “how to” of coaching, including communication, learning styles, essential road or track cycling techniques, training, and will include a practical coaching session.
Over the next 3-4 years BikeNZ will grow the framework to include level 2 and level 3 and include workshops for those that what to be expert coaches in coaching beginners, developing, or elite athletes.
“It is essential that we look at coach education as multi-dimensional. We may have a coach that wants to be the best coach they can be, of beginner riders, or alternatively a coach who wants to be an expert at coaching elite riders. In this way our framework needs to consider the needs of both the athlete, and the coach who is coaching them.”
Along with this, a support system will be set in place to ensure continued education for all BikeNZ qualified coaches.
“We can’t just put people through courses. We need to ensure they are consistently communicated with, and have further development opportunities as this will strengthen our coaching depth, and the ability of our everyday, or high performance riders.”
These courses are in high demand so register now to ensure that you don’t miss out.
If you are already a  qualified Level 1, 2 or 3 coach and you are not on the BikeNZ coach mailing list, then email to register. There is a great opportunity for you to get involved with a UCI Coaching Program.

Level One BMX Coaching Course
26/27 March
Registrations close 16 March

Level One BMX Coaching Course
Hawkes Bay
12/13 November
Registrations close 2 November

Level One Road Coaching Course
22-23 October
Registrations close 12th October

Level One Track Coaching Course
5-6 November
Registrations close 25th October

For any questions please contact Amy Taylor –